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  1. Nice brazilian site about CG, VFX and Motion Graphics. Also some great tutorials in portuguese! www.tutorama.com.br
  2. Hello All!!! I have to make a video that needs a "PixelArt" style. But I have a problem, I dont know how to render a isometric animated camera in Cinema4D. (Like old RPGs Games) Someone knows? or have a tip for a "animated 360ยบ PixelArt Style"? Tanks in advance!
  3. I've tryed to do other tests (with Shake, Twixtor and AE3), but wasnt good. When a bubble goes fast it makes a "ghost trail" that looks too bad. I think the best solution will be the rent. Thanks all!!!
  4. Hi all! I'm making a commercial that i need to do a slow motion shot with a kid blowing bubbles. I have a Sony HVRZ1 HDV and im worry about the quality of the interpolation of frames. I made a test but it looks crapy. I've shot in DVCam/60i/30fps and then i slow down in Shake with the Adptive intepolation by 0.5 speed. But the result isnt good because the bubbles, the kid blowing was ok. someone had a tip?! Tanks!!!
  5. Thanks a lot guys! I'll continue the researche, and soon i got more stuff i'll put it online. Thanks again!!
  6. Hi! As I told before, I'm writting my college dissertation about Motion Graphics. So I'm sharing good things I discover. Here I found a very good article by Holly Willis about the history of motion graphics: http://www.laweekly.com/general/features/t...-in-motion/920/ Another good text: http://www.fluidcreativity.co.uk/shop018.asp and of course: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_graphic a good website: http://www.mographwiki.net/Main_Page If anyone knows more good articles or texts about history or theory of Motion Graphics, please share. Thanks all!
  7. Hi all! I'm very new in here, and this is my first post. My problem: Im graduating at the College and now i must make my monograph (i'm not sure that's the name in english) and my theme is: Design in Motion. I'm looking for theorys, articles, scientifical resources, eBooks, etc to do this. I'm living in Brazil and here there is no books about that. And i'm the kind of poor people that can't buy imported books (too expensive) So my motion brothers! Someone can help me?! Thanks in advance! PS: I think that my english sucks, so be patient lol ...
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