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  1. What? I completly don't understand this question. I know that problem is stupid, but I really need help.
  2. Yeah, stupid problem I know. But I'm doing now some FX to my film and now I've done intro (animation) and it seems to be really cool (for me ) but only in ae preview. When I export it to .avi or .mp4 or .mov it's terrible. Bad, bad, bad quality. I don't know what to to! Can anyone help me? How should I save the movie if I want good quality?
  3. Arce

    Designer / Model

    he, he greenscreen part and japanese guy were the best
  4. Arce

    3D Model Resources

    Wow, a lot of stuff, thanks
  5. Amazing! It's all what n00b like me needs
  6. Arce

    nice resources

    Yeah a lot of stuff, but a little for free Most of it is copyrighted, remember about it.
  7. Arce

    Free Stock Footage

    Thanks very, very much! It's great page with many useful fotages
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