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  1. I have the C4D R12 Demo and it seems that the volumetric light is not affected by the IES file i load in, the scattering of the volumetric light dose not change if i change the IES file.
  2. A different approach? Ya, like no motion blur, no copy and paste key frames in 2.8 Interface, no external file management, no animation curves ?
  3. Thanks man, Its true, Exec jobs are boring i some times enjoy to grab the wacom pen from someone and doing some work myself, my day as a creative director is a brain dead sequence of meetings and price proposals.
  4. I know that your salary is what you negotiate it to be, but i know my market and i don't know the market in the states. i found this discussion very helpful in understanding the overall range.
  5. I just want a ball park here, but what should be the salary in a top end studio in the USA for a designer/art director whit 8 years of experience?
  6. ya you can rotate it in 3D and position but it does not accept lights and motion blur from after.
  7. my bad, when i bring a OBJ or 3DS to photoshop i need to set the render quality to Ray-traced and then save the file and set the quality to best in after.
  8. When i bring a OBJ model to AE CS4 or CS5 it has no anti-aliasing i found the way to switch it on in PS but i didn't find it in AE
  9. I think NYC will to cold for me....
  10. Thanks guys, i don't freelance but i'm looking for a new job and to relocate in the LA area.
  11. Finally new site is up! roitman.tv
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