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  1. 3. Why not just take the dream job? Whats stopping you? One thing I can say has really helped me: I spent some time reading up on the labor Laws of California. There are precedents to cover everything thats been discussed in this thread, and I found it very eye-opening. Also, I believe any time you are educated on a subject, you handle that subject with more confidence. On a personal note, our business is infected with hacks who pass themselves off as "business" types or producers. Gain just a little knowledge of how standards and practices work in other fields, and you'll be amazed how childish the business of our field looks in comparison. The fact that artists are on this board asking "what is the proper / pro way of handling......." is proof of our dedication, and that motion graphics is more cereberally taxing than being a douche producer or entertainment "businessman". Dont take shit from them.
  2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and its because MK12 and Simon Robson have been copied so much, that their place in mograph history is secure. Also, the thread is good, but the original post is nonsensical to me
  3. CHARGE MORE MONEY. This industry seriously needs to grow a spine. Everything is motion graphics now, we should be making Mad Men money - we deserve it. FYI-it took me many years to realize this,,, I wish someone would have said it to me earlier.
  4. Agree with that statement. Or is there any chance you can use a different liquid (something less transparent) and then make it look like water in AE.
  5. Particular 2 has a preset for this canned effect
  6. k, I'm not sure whose side to take here... I dispute the claim that its only working professionals offering their opinions on this site. But nothing's worse that titling your post "NOT SPAM", when it clearly is, and then offering me a shot at being around professional opinions - if I pay. To be fair, I logged into the Employer section to see what freelance talent was available. I selected "Motion Graphics" and left every other tab as "Any"... No results found. Fail I've never liked working with middlemen, and I don't really see the point. Kurt
  7. I fully support using these boards to out companies that pull this BS.
  8. I agree that there are legitimate reasons so send over project files, and that holding onto your "bag of tricks" is sort of a fruitless enterprise- but I have to say - the above statement is really shortsighted. There is no assumed viewpoint on this topic- if you don't want to give up your project files - then don't. End of discussion. Even if the client stipulated up front they'd like the files - theres no law requiring you to, unless you signed a contract and its in black and white. It's my personal opinion mographers give up way more than they get back, but who cares about my opinion - the point here is: use your discretion.
  9. Well one way to look at it - it certianly can't hurt anything. Nothing wrong with having a fast single 2TB volume. And its definately nice to hit the spacebar on a 1080p uncompressed quicktime movie and watch it playback smoothly. I would guess that the nay-sayers you speak of are probably just nerds who have someone else footing the bill for thier dedicated RAID racks, and geek out over the concept of throughput a little too much.
  10. I agree with this mindset, because its not a black and white issue. People will talk all tough on forum boards (myslef included) about how we never do spec work, fuck them, I'll throatpunch anyone who asks me to do spec, etc etc. But in reality, way too much free work is being done. That's where intelligent discussions on boards like these are very helpful. If for some odd reason you are doubting your own gut feeling, hitting up a forum or some friends is key. At the very least you'll get some better language to help your side of the negotiation, or my personal favorite - a good quote. Such as: "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amatuer" - Red Adair "Art is skill, that is the first meaning of the word" -Henry Geldzahler
  11. After checking out the Genius Rocket site, this whole thing seems pretty weak. What's thier deal, they get kickbacks from corporate clients by tricking students and freelancers into producing ads for way cheaper than it would cost to hire professionals? So be it. As Red Adair said "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amatuer." Kudos to the Mograph members for making this a thread... nice to know there's some pride out there.
  12. KURT


    This is a good thread, I wasn't really aware of those HP and Eizo models.. I agree with Sao and others, its a big difference between Apple... and all the rest. My rule of thumb is: if you plan to do even one professional job on that computer, you can justify an Apple quality display/mouse/computer and nothing less. I am getting a little sick of dropping over a grand every time I need a new monitor though. Especially when it hasn't been updated since 04... but supposedly new Apple displays are coming by end of year or so.
  13. I'd say his biggest crime is selling stock projects, which undermines the whole community of Motion Graphics.
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