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  1. Very cool! Feels a little slow at times but I still enjoyed it...especially the model!
  2. Select your spline and ensure that it is set to "Uniform" under the Intermediate Points in the the object manager. Warning however it that you may need to adjust your keyframes after this. This ensures that your spline is 'weighted' evenly from point to point. Hope it helps.
  3. Yes UPS is a must. But don't be lazy like and not install the actual software that comes with them. If you do and you take the time to set it up not only will your computer 'hang on' but depending on settings shut down like you meant it to. Saved my hide many times. We're in a new building and it took the development company a couple of months to sort out our AC issues.
  4. This is fantastic! Will improve my workflow greatly! Thanks Adam.
  5. So sweet! Here's part 1. you suck at photoshop v.1 Made my day! Thanks.
  6. Wow! That was truly fantastic! Love the pinball machine.
  7. sbecker


    That was fantasic! Certainly unsettling. Technically the matchmoving and lighting was superb!
  8. Awesome. Anyone else notice the images of Bush and Blair and what they morph into. HAHA! A little personal political opinion thrown in I think. Love it!
  9. sbecker


    Very nice energy and pacing. Love the overall 'grungy' look. The V for Vendetta stuff is a little slower then the rest but hey, it's a nice piece of work to be able to include. Cheers.
  10. Due to the lack of support for OS X, I'm leaning towards VRay. It surprises/concerns me that Final Render has been around for as long as it has and still doesn't work on Mac. Leads me to believe that if/when they support Mac that there is going to be inadequate support for troubleshooting and updates. Thanks for your responses tim and misanthrope. I won't be purchasing until next week so in the meantime anyone else who wants to chime in with their preferences and experience, please do. Thanks
  11. Have you tried the Vray support forums? VRay User Forums Seems to have a lot of info available from the group using it so far. Probably won't be a whole lot more resources (for C4D specific) until it's been on the market for awhile longer. Also the VRay manual (not VRayforC4D as it doesn't seem to be downloadable as yet) may help. VRay Manual
  12. Have gone through the CMI VFX C4D Tutorials Volumes 1-3 and highly recommend them to anyone new to C4D or looking for a refresher. V.3 is incredible for breaking down the Materials Manager. Going to grab V.4 this weekend. To anyone interested in these tutorials, I would recommend purchasing the DVD's as opposed to the online videos as they are quite long to download (streaming only) and you can't save them. With the DVD's you could access the chapters anywhere and skip to information as you need it. V.3 is a 3 hour long tutorial so if you're referencing info at 2:45 you'll have to wait awhile for the servers at CMI to stream the video. Other than those technical issues though this is truly a great set of tuts. Hope some other newbies find this helpful.
  13. Michael, I've just completed the first three volumes of the series and must say they are without question the best tutorials available for C4D that I have gone through (and believe me I've been through a lot). Volume 3 gave me the indepth understanding of the Materials Manager I have been looking for since I first started with C4D a year ago. I highly recommend this series for any begineers and even long time users of C4D. Will be purchasing V.4 this weekend. Thanks for the great training!
  14. Hey tim, Thanks for the response. Have/do you use Mac or PC? The website for Final Render has some conflicting information regarding support for Mac and which OS. I have sent off an email to them but haven't got a response as yet. Also, any experience using it with Net Render? As far as the node based thing, I come from a compositing background (Shake) and am more than comfortable with them. Thanks again.
  15. Hey All, Has anyone used both renderers for animations using GI, AO, Etc? I am needing better results for both speed and image than AR seems to offer but am not sure what might be a better app for me? Have seen some of the results from VRray and they look great but Final Render seems to offer pretty decent results. Also concerned with costs as VRray appears to include Net Render licenses in the initial price whereas Final Render is another $500 per station for each net render license. My render farm (5 machines) is a necessity as we kick out 3-4 30 second animations a week but I want the ability to start using GI without flicker and AO without the insane render times. We deal primarily with Stereoscopic 3d images using SVI' Stereo Plugin. All our images are 1440 * 405 so you can imagine we have some serious render times. I am currently leaning towards VRay for cost issues as well as what I have read thus far. Any recommendations are welcome. Again my primary issue is the ability to 1) speed up render times while 2) having the ability to use GI and AO. Everything we do is animation, no stills. Thanks. Oh, my primary machine for building/animating is a MacPro 8 core (C4D 10.111), but our render farm is built out of PC's using Windows XP Pro (a couple on 32 bit and two on 64 bit).
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