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  1. how did this turn into a drama thread . enough already .
  2. It was a nice mini tribute thread that got hijacked from a totally LAME comment . Anyway back to about the work .... you were saying Chris......
  3. Ha ha uber post thanks for the details .
  4. Thats right Maxon is coming out and Mographs own The Monkey . SAWEET Lineup heres the info . Next meeting: Thursday, December 11, 2008 The Time: 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM The Place: P.S. 41 116 W est 11th St., NYC (corner of 11th Street and 6th Ave.) Thanks to our sponsors, the meeting is FREE. Our Lineup Includes: Maxon CEO Paul Babb will walk us through some of the new features of C4D 11 - the latest release of the 3D software most integrated with After Effects. If you're doing any 3D motion grpahics work (or want to learn more about it), then don't miss this presentation! Freelance C4D artist (the Monkey) will share some of his motion graphics work. Michael has worked with Dorian Orange, The Saline Project, Perception, Sugar Film Productions and Imaginary Forces. Here is the link to the site http://aeny.org/meetings.html Hope to see all you mographers there. Peace , Jim
  5. hell ya boys . You both owe me beers lol. Check out the slick as hell work . http://motionographer.com/ http://motionographer.com/aicp-2008-southw...r-open-credits/
  6. A big thing for me is the integration with AE . Not that I am a expert in Maya or Max at all but I have had so much more of an easy time getting stuff back and forth from AE to C4D then other packages . I would like to see something like Fume FX for C4D for simulations/smoke.
  7. filmbot

    pause nyc?

    Day 1 Gmunk MK12 and Joseph Kosinski for sure . Its just me or did the 2nd version of the Quantum titles rock . Seems like the final titles were a bit client approved I wish the 2nd round made it to the end way sexier. Day 2 Hush BTRY and Buck BTRY's process on the texture mapping for the titles was off the wagon. What happened to BNS that was like watching paint dry very under prepared preso. I love Mark Romaneks work but man did he not touch base with the crowd at all . Like how he skipped right over Logan and talking about the mograph work. But much respect for his work.
  8. filmbot

    TADA in nyc

    MK12,Gmunk*Bradley) ,Joseph Kosinski and Mark Romanek rocked it today . Gmunk never is without energy . Mk12 showed some killer motion tests for new bond film titles and gfx and there initial tests were better then what the "client approved " version was that made it to the film. Seems like they studied up on some my buddy Mark Coleran's UI for the new "surface" table in Quantum of Solace
  9. Think this is my 7 or 8th term with FXPHD cant recommend it enough . Shit the BKGD classes alone are worth it. We gave away a free OCT term at the last AENY meetings FXPHD are good friends and great supporters of AENY.
  10. Hello Everyone Just wanted to pass along a deal I have on my blog with Red Giant . FinalCutuser and Red Giant Software have partnered to give our readers a special deal on the newly released plug in called Warp. Here is the deal use coupon code: finalcutuser50 at check out when purchasing Warp version 1.0 . The deal is limited time and will end on 11/8/2008 12 am PST.Red Giant Software Warp page Warp is honestly a huge release because its 3 plug-ins in one which works with FCP,Motion,After Effects and other hosts . If you need to do anything requiring corner pinning(even on distorted images) , reflections or shadows you will not want to pass this offer up. http://www.finalcutuser.com/2008/11/06/fin...w-warp-plug-in/ Enjoy
  11. the deal has been extended till Monday since the new Warp plugin will be out then .
  12. Being that our economy is in the shitter as of late I want to extend the AENY discount out to the rest of the mograph/vfx community. Red Giant has set up a code for me being we have the huge AENY meeting tomorrow in NYC with Red Giant, Nando Costa and Dinny Princz . Red Giant and After Effects NY are offering up a special deal for those attending the AENY meeting tomorrow in NYC that I am going to pass on to the Finalcutuser readers. All you have to do is go over to the Red Giant Software site and check out all the amazing plug ins for FCP Studio and Adobe applications then use super secret code : aeny30 at checkout and you will get 30% off your purchase.This deal starts tomorrow on 10/23/-10/26 3 days only. Enjoy to all who need some new plugs at a discount. If you check out my blog and AENY from time to time I try and get the hook up from some friends at different companies to pass along to friends and colleagues . Peace, Jim my blog: http://www.finalcutuser.com/ AENY site:AENY
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    Jesus H.

    Crazy shit Chris. Does the building have motion sensors and cameras? Glad everyone is ok .
  14. Hey all here is the info for the double feature meeting for October. You wont want to miss the special guests for these meetings . Lots going on this month. So much, in fact, we are having two meetings!!! So here's the info: Meeting 1: Thursday, October 23, 2008 - Red Giant Software Meeting 2: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - Adobe The Time: 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM The Place: P.S. 41 116 W est 11th St., NYC (corner of 11th Street and 6th Ave.) Thursday October 23: Brazilian graphic artist, designer and director Nando Costa will give us a behind the scenes look at some of his awesome Motion Graphics projects. AlsoDanny Princz animation director from nth degree will be showing some new work using Red Giant software. Also, if that weren't enough, see all of the latest and greatest plug-ins from effects powerhouse Red Giant software, presented by John Kerr. Tuesday October 28: Get a first look at Adobe After Effects CS4. (plus some other cool CS4 stuff) Need we say more? http://aeny.org/meetings.html As always tons of free prizes in the raffles actually more then we have ever had for meetings. Just a teaser for November expect to see C4D 11 with all the trimmings.
  15. Puppet tool was a bad choice for a great tool . To bad it wasnt updated in CS4 . Instead of the corner pin name should have been called what it is a"real time deformation tool" And the choice to not include IK in AE man that stings.
  16. filmbot


    My vote after seeing this in person and checking out the calibration able to be done with it using X-rite technology would go to the HP Dreamcolor. http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF...67-3648397.html This things rivals some Eizo's I have worked on and is actually cheaper then some Eizo's as well. Hp dropped the price from 3499 to 2499 but this is for needing your work to be spec on color accuracy . I will agree in some cases the Apple ACD is good but it is lacking behind alot of the new displays and Apple hasnt touched it in 2 yrs(rumor of Macworld updates swirl now) Cant rule out higher ned NEC as well for broadcast and film work.
  17. Not sure if Andrew talked to this kid already but ya pretty un original . Next person on the chopping block is Harry wait till some .ru site pops up called greyishmachine.ru with all Harry's stuff.
  18. filmbot

    Red One

    This is why alot of us cannot wait for the RED plug in to AE being able to pull in native R3D files without having to batch files in compressor which takes forever. At IBC Apple said native support was coming but then again they said that at NAB as well and were are we today ?
  19. Next meeting: Thursday, August 28th, 2008 The Time: 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM The Place: We have a new location that can sit up to 400 people!!!! P.S. 41 116 West 11th St., NYC (corner of 11th Street and 6th Ave.) The food: Sorry - but due to site rules - no food this time. If you can live for 2 hours without eating, you'll have a great time! The meeting is FREE. Our Lineup Includes: Phillip Niemeyer from Brooklyn-based art and design studio Double Triple will be coming to talk about some recent work and collaboration with filmaker Ryan Junnell for the fun stop motion work in Spoon:You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb music video. Tim and Mike Rauch aka Rauch Brothers Animation have a great animated short film called "German in the Woods" in association with StoryCorps.They will share and talk about the process. Tim and Mike have a great traditional animation background and unique visual aesthetic that comes through in their animation. Hope you all can make it out. Always FREE and lots and lots of FREE raffles to give away . Later, Jim http://aeny.org/meetings.html
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    ya nice and clean , yay for Justin.
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    Thanks for posting it for me Harry. Who will be the lucky ones to walk away with your new DVD??????
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    Its funny because FXPHD founders frequent this site as well only a matter of time before this person is ousted from FXPHD.
  23. Simple fact is alot of this is based off Andrew Kramers free tutorials with his own twist on them . He took what he learned from Andrew and actually made something really cool.
  24. http://www.filemaker.com/products/bento/overview.html been using this for about 3 months pretty nice .
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