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  1. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/entertainm...winston-de.html SO SAD Man i remeber watching Monster Squad as a kid and wondering how they did the wolfman stuff. Legend passes on .
  2. Sounds like your talking about the good ol boy Whitey McCnnaughy . http://www.whiteyfilms.com/vids/coulter.html The whole intro is amazing Whitey's snow vids have always been my favs. I told him he needs to make them again with some OG crew from South Lake.
  3. check tekserve's web page from ny they rent apple systems and have a price sheet up. Make sure you get some things on paper if your gonna do this like what happens if it is stolen , power surge etc to cover your ass.
  4. Hi folks - Just wanted to give you the basic 411 on the next AENY meeting: Location - We have a new location that can sit up to 400 people!!!! PS 41@ 116 W est 11th St., NYC (corner of 11th Street and 6th Ave. Date: Thursday, June 26th, 2008 Time: TBD - but probably around 6:45 PM-9PM The new space is just in time too because our lineup is insane!!!! Guess who coming to dinner? Visual Designer, Marc Coleran, whose work has been seen in films like The Bourne Ultimatum, Domino, Alien vs. Predator, The Bourne Identity, Blade II, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The World Is Not Enough - just to name a few. Visual effects artist John Montgomery - co-founder of the online visual effects news site fxguide, as well as the training site fxphd. His Clients and Credits include Super Bowl commercials for McDonald's, Disney as well as work for Budweiser, Miller, Hallmark, Sears, Moen, Gatorade, Morgan Stanley, and the ESPN and CBS television networks. ... And more prizes than you can possibly imagine (unless you can imagine a lot, and then it's roughly the same amount of prizes you can possibly imagine). Keep your eyes on AENY.org for more info. Your pals at AENY, Jim Geduldick Dennis Radeke & Aharon Rabinowitz
  5. filmbot

    Skate Baghdad!

    crazy read this a while back , funny thing is thrasher mag has always shown US troops who skate building mini ramps and skating sadams palace in the middle east .
  6. remember to prores doesn't support alpha channels and your frame size with DVCPROHD will be at 960x720. if your getting noise as well they could have OIS on in cam stabilizing which is a no no . there is a diff betwenn 8 bit and dvcprohd . simply dvcprohd is compressed and 8 bit is not . You dont need to go uncompressed if you dont need to as long as it was correctly lit and shot your good.
  7. Endquote That stuff looks really nice are you working for MS or using the Surface tech for some other things? Post some more when you can looks great .
  8. What was it Tony Stark i mean Robert Downey Jr said , " I am Ironman" Btw i dont believe in monarchs and when i vote i vote for Non of the Above just like Monty Brewster wanted us to.
  9. ah Chris you know you should use my covert ops name on here i told you that on ichat.
  10. Even though i changed the post for respect of not knowing you personally Mylenium i do not need to hide behind some pseudonym . Btw there is nothing private about the net and if your so into hiding your identity why do you even post ,make tutorials or sell presets ? My name is Jim and if people want to know who you are on the net all they need do is look its not rocket science .
  11. KGB he has been working on it and he said the same thing about it . The boy is a busy as hell with Flow and other stuff in time im sure well see it sooner then later.
  12. Mylenium since when did Mark "QUIT" I beg to differ Mark is working on movies as we speak . Yes he does work for Gridiron and in no way did he "Quit" anything. Little misinformation being spread.
  13. Mark's a great guy and a good pal and if your in NY in the not to far off future Mark and I are trying to work out to get him to come show off some work at AENY(after effects NY) in a upcoming meeting. There are not alot of specialized persons doing this and i would agree when it comes to UI stuff Mark is the man . I agree that the UI stuff in Ironman was very nice as well and Danny Younts work on the credits was amazing.
  14. This dumb long rumor has been officially put to bed yet again. http://www.finalcutuser.com/2008/05/06/hey...e-here-to-stay/ Here to stay...
  15. To answer you , yes i have authored HD DVD discs and yes it can be done with current build of DVDSP 4.x Why i ask would you author to a dead format ?You might be getting bad disc because not all players for HD DVD can read info from a DVD5/9 that has been authored by DVDSP alot of players are picky about the media and the bit rate plays alot into this as well. If the player cant keep up to play the disc you get either bad disc error or it will just jump all over the palce. HD DVD is dead they have halted all production and there is no commercial or viable delivery for this media anymore. You can do Blu Ray authored discs now with CS3 (Encore) and FCP or another NLE that is current. You just need a compression software like Compressor 3,Toast 8/9 and Encore a Blu Ray burner from Lacie,Panasonic,Sony etc and something to test it on like a PS3. My honest opionion would be not to waste time with HD DVD people are not using them and if they have they are trading up for Blu Ray credits. Invest in Blu Ray if your going to need to author a few discs at a time then stick with the above method with a external/internal burner but i wont scare you with the cost or replicating Blu Ray professionally because if you dont have a few grand alone for licensing fees then stick with HD content on the web or stick to SD.
  16. Just a reminder this one is tonight.
  17. Its that time again for the next AENY meeting at Pratt Manhattan 6:30-9 pm 2nd floor. 14th st between 6 and 7th ave. Guests -Andrew Kramer of videocopilot.net Maxon/Adobe to show off some integration workflow's. Get there early pizza and seats go fast . Tons of killer free raffles copy of Cinema 4d will be the big prize this time along with tons of other as usual. Link to main site . http://aeny.org/meetings.html See you there. Jim AENY
  18. Ill be there but i will already be running into your mug .....LOL
  19. Tim cant wait for your C4D class coming up .
  20. I have worked with the 1st 2 production models 6 and 7 off the line and the images are amazing . Also have done a bunch of tracking and green/blue work with it so many pixels youll go nuts.LOL Just wait till NAB when we hear and see more about Scarlet the pro pocket cam coming from RED. The keep improving features and the workflow is a little weird for some but REDCINE AND REDALERT are great pieces of software still in beta.
  21. Matt Good luck with the group . You will have to make it out to our group sometime AENY.org(After Effects NY) Running a user group is no easy task so all the best from you buddies in NYC . Jim
  22. Thats a hell of a lot of work. All good and Aesop Rock is amazing.
  23. I have to put my vote in for h264 the quality is awesome. The trick with h264 is if you are using compressor 3 make sure you explore using frame controls . By default they are turned off so make some custom and do lots of tests.
  24. Way to bring the thread back . My cluttered Home workspace. About to add the new Octo to keep all these company Yes i am a mac nerd with lots of Distributed render fun . Pay no attention to the man behind the rat nest .
  25. FCP,AE to Encore /Toast depending on job to FASTMAC internal (same workflow at Walter Biscardi) Maybe this link will tell you as well. http://blogs.creativecow.net/node/432 Getting the bit rate right was key for 1080 material some players stuttered while others played it smooth (ps3,sony)
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