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  1. I will second the FXPHD i have been in on PHD since beginning of 07 and it is beyond worth it . Harry ,Andrew and Johns stuff is great as well. Between that and just messing with the app with your own ideas you cant go wrong.
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    Flow as it was last year doesnt exist , we had Steve and Mark from Gridiron at our AENY meeting last month and it is amazing app . When you dont have to worry about your assets giving up color bars cause you moved something or offline clips in FCP forget it Flow maintains the relationship and with Adobe apps can write the path for you . This is versioning at its best and i am sure when you see or play with the public beta coming out you will be very surprised . And it works with everything it is platform agnostic and works on severs and over networks(SANS etc.) Just keep your eyes peeled.
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    Yea used the beta and full its a handy app for FCP/Motion and AE. Just sucks Adobe hasnt listened to bring Node based comping to AE . Ya matching and dropping in ref shots is a breeze its worth the money and its pretty quick to.
  4. Anyone running this combo of c4d 10.5 and Lep 10.5.2? Wondering if i am aching for a head to test this on one of my machines 1st . Chris or Harry have you stepped up to this yet?
  5. better hit he forums now before you know who comes Harry.
  6. i am one of the leaders of AENY and to make it official and invite everyone out to our 1yr Anniversary is coming up on the 28th of Feb. This is a legit group not the corny user group with people talking about why they are having issues with postscript.(joke) For those who have not made it out to the meetings its all about motion graphics ,3d , edits you name it dealing with after effects and the people and places using it for fun and for work . You just missed Harry Frank about a month ago (uber mod) and you wont want to miss this months or any other meeting from now on either. I have some friends from Digital Kitchen coming out and Vivian and Jesse from Tronic have been nice enough to take time out to come over as well. Here are the details Next meeting: Thursday, February 28, 2008 The Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM The Place: Pratt Manhattan 144 West 14th Street (b/w 6th and 7th Ave) Room 213 The food: Pizza and soda/water Thanks to Adobe and Pratt, the meeting is FREE. Our Lineup Includes: Tronic is a NYC-based multimedia studio. Their work moves between film, animation, architecture, and experiential design. These visual futurists are boldly combining architecture, graphic design, film, and animation to create striking and conceptually based work. DigitalKitchen is a marketing content partner to ad agencies, entertainment studios and corporate clients around the world. Their work has touched every continent and garnered awards in every major industry forum in the Western world. Sorry for the long winded email but ive been lurking on here for a long time and plan on posting alot more . So come on out for this is sure to be an awesome meeting. Did i mention tons of free swag (good swag) like UBER PRIZE is someone is walking home with an Adobe CS3 package and a free term to my buddies at FXPHD.com. Later Jim
  7. Thanks Harry , but ya all are welcome and it will be our 1 year anniversary this month here are all the details . This is going to be one Fu***** good meeting. Also tip show up near the time because many people show up to get good seats and free pizza. Going to make a new post with all the details. Late Jim
  8. Me thinks we are going to see Travis's much talked about triple backside rode which looks to be that last trick cut out of the promo. Seriously gnarliest rider out there next to nicholas mueller. The shoots look amazing.
  9. Here is a link to a site i mod on with an interview with the main man Ty Evans on the whole process . Nothing like a couple Arris and Spikes Photosonic for an amazing intro . Lets not forget buy the DVD so you can see the amazing skating in the vid which makes the intro look like a drop in the bucket. http://www.skateperception.com/viewspot/19/ Ah Chris this is nothing like jackass at all talk about getting a bum rap jackass has nothing to do with skateboarding other then Bam . DMC that wasnt Mouse it was "Yeah Right " Props for bringing out the old Corey Webster flick via Thrashin'. Too bad Gleaming the Cube ruined the ending by showing Mike Mcgill skating vs Christian Slater skated the total opposite of his main stunt double.LOL
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