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  1. Are you using the latest firmware? I feel like I had this issue and it was fixed with an upgrade.
  2. Not disagreeing- but check his post history. 80% of what he posts on here is just senseless bashing. There's a difference between honest criticism and being a dick.
  3. Killkillakillyo: Dude, you're kind of a dick. Hope that strategy works out well for you in life.
  4. Yeah, I was laid off 3 months ago and it's been the best 3 months of my career. You've got a lot to look forward to! I use Billings also, but Billings tends to be better at estimates/invoices than it is as a bookkeeping software. For that I use Outright.com which I can't recommend highly enough. It's free and it's freaking AWESOME! It's catered to freelancers which I think is a huge advantage over something like Quickbooks. I'm doing the Sole Proprietor thing for now- though LLC is always in the back of my mind. Best of luck, you're in a great position!
  5. I'll be there as well. Don't forget Mograph Chicago meetup on Wednesday and Resolution Digital BBQ on Thursday.
  6. Check the 'Single File' box under Tag.
  7. Having a problem I can't seem to figure out. I've got two spline wraps affecting a plane, everything grouped in a null. If you scale the null in the Viewer, everything scales correctly and maintains its shape. However, if you scale in the coordinates manager so you can keyframe it- the spline seems to scale independently and causes the whole thing to wrap differently. Any idea what I'm missing here? Splinewrap_scale.c4d
  8. Good, I'm not the only one. I'm using an Intuos4 on a Mac and have the same issue.
  9. Sounds like we had a crappy tape deck I think we were paying $50/100 Gb tapes which didn't make sense. Good info, hyp3!
  10. Finally picked up Linchpin, we'll see what all the hype is about!
  11. In my opinion, tape sucks. At my former employer we never really used it because it was a pain to backup and restore and the media was far more expensive than just dropping it on two drives and storing em. I think we ended up using FileFinder for Mac which catalogs all the files on a harddrive to make it easily searchable- I'm sure there's something comparable for PC.
  12. I went freelance about a month ago here in Chicago. It was hugely scary at first but I'm loving every minute of it! Good luck with everything!
  13. I think the website itself is the least important issue. Guys like Nick Campbell, Andrew Kramer, Harry Frank, and John Dickinson were established designers before they went on to start their sites. The 'if I build it, they will come' mentality is what kills it for me. Establish yourself in the industry before trying to conquer the world.
  14. Yeah, that's the wrong direction. Need a Female Mini Display to a Male DVI which they don't make.
  15. Talking about the 24s. The problem is that they've only got a MiniDisplay connector and near as I can tell there's not a Female Minidisplay to Male DVI adapter (otherwise I'd just run it on one card).
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