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  1. Already answered my question.
  2. Cool thread. Thanks for sharing the UI's Aaron.
  3. Brilliant as always! Cheers Blnky!
  4. Not specifically CG but I did just see this... http://www.creativebloq.com/career/10-top-cities-design-graduates-thrive-71412234 Might be of some use.
  5. Hey Melbournian's! The next meet is... 19:00 - 24/07/14 - Loop Bar (23 Meyers Place CBD) There will be 2 of the guys from Method coming down and running through a projection mapping project they recently worked on! Its going to be great so come on down! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MelbourneAfterEffectsC4DMeetup Thanks Liam
  6. Hey, Contemplating a move to New Zealand in the next few months. Currently based in Melbourne but really just wanting too know what the scene is like over there? I've read that the bulk of the work is in Auckland which is fine and I was wanting to know if it was over saturated? I tend to do mostly after effects work with a little 3D. Any good ad agencies worth contacting etc? www.liamcarlin.com Cheers Liam
  7. Cool thread and thanks for the links. This was something I was thinking about recently too KitKats.
  8. Become employed. Don't waste your time being a Jr freelancer. I've been through that pain. You create unnecessary work for yourself. Time in precious so learning from your peers you cannot buy. In spare time work on personal projects or just have a life etc. Good Luck!
  9. Yeah this but I'd like to have some book on it too - to add to the collection.
  10. I have also seen this... A lot of good resources out there.
  11. Cool thread Is there anything you would recommend as a starting point?
  12. I came across this video as well which is great.
  13. Haha I like this. I'll get practicing. I did come across the Ease & Wizz script on AE Scripts. I downloaded, installed and got working. It has some really nice presets but I wouldnt want to heavily rely on it. Good idea vozzz, i have to say going right back to the basic's didnt occur to me. Off I go Cool, I really like the look of that book! I prefer reading, less time in front of a computer. I used Digital Tutors a few months ago.. I need to get back to them also. Thanks again guys loads to work with here!
  14. Bonobo - Late Night Tales Current track: Last one of the album... great album.
  15. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a little guidance in getting better motion in my work. I use predominatly After Effects and have started my journey in C4D (I am a previous Maya user so just transistioning over). I sometimes feel I fall short when animating due to the motion I produce, it doesnt always look the best, sometimes amateurish. I'll look at a piece of somebody else's and it will be amazing, the motion will be fantastic. I'll then try and recreated the said motion myself but with very poor results. I find it very frustrating. Having pondered this for sometime I realised I was negelected the Graph editor due to my poor understand of it. I understand its purpose but don't particularly know how to use it. I did come across this site today and have found it an enormous help to understand interpolation - However I need something better. I need more teaching perhaps. Some articles, video, tutorials, book? I want to learn how but also why. Could someone please point me in the right direction to a better understanding of this. I know its the foundation to great animation and I am a little lost. Thanks Liam
  16. Hey Guys, Thank you very much to everyone who responded. I'm pretty overwhelmed with the response's so it's taken a little while to get round to replying. I actually had the chance to ask someone in the Industry what the average day was and apparently its 8. The studio I'm working in does 9. I would be interested if any other Australian mograph designers could chip in too. OT was mentioned in that converation and again this seems normal. Most studio's pay but I think it tends to be on those days nearing deadline as opposed to just the one hour. I did quote for a job just yesterday and I stipulated that I was quoting for a 8 hour day. I am waiting to hear back and I'll be interested in what they have to say. Again thanks everyone Cheers Liam
  17. Hey Guys. Just a quick question on how you would answer this. I've just relocated to Australia and I keep getting asked what my rates are in this format. It may be a standard freelance format but I am new to it. I am not asking how much I should charge I am asking what format I put it in. So say for Example I charge $50ph so for a 8 hour day I would get paid $400 per day... so if I multiple that by say 20 days in a given month I get $8000. This is just an example. I don't make 8k a month, but I am open to offers Cheers Liam
  18. Its happening Melbourne!!! First event confirmed! Please join via facebook or please sign up to the newsletter! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/665615123476700/ Newsletter - https://www.facebook.com/MelbourneAfterEffectsC4DMeetup/app_100265896690345 Really looking forward to seeing everyone! Thanks Liam
  19. Hello Melbourne AE + C4D users! I am starting a monthly meetup which is dedicated to all things After Effects and Cinema 4D starting in March 2014. Having seen the success of the Chicago C4D meet and others, I thought we could give it a go as there isn't anything similar in Melbourne already. The idea behind the group is to bring users together to discuss things like, what they are working on, showcase new work, work in progress and learn a thing or two about the packages. It will be an informal gathering over a drink somewhere in the CBD (or other area close to the City) and an opportunity to network and meet new people. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a student who is just starting out, a hobbyist or a full time professional. All are welcome. If you are interested then please like the Facebook page and join the group for all the latest news and info. Don't worry I won't inundate you with useless irrelevant nonsense. Posts will be kept to a minimum. If you have queries or suggestions then please get in touch via Facebook or email - melb.meetup@gmail.com Please find links to the Facebook page & group below... Facebook Page EDIT: (I have deleted the FB group as I think the page is more than enough. Thanks to everyone who had joined the group.) I look forward to hearing from you Thanks Liam P.S. For the none Facebook / Twitter users we have a newsletter so please sign up! The link does say Facebook but its through Mailchimp, this will be a temporary measure until a website is created. https://www.facebook.com/MelbourneAfterEffectsC4DMeetup/app_100265896690345 We are on Twitter too - https://twitter.com/MelbsAEC4DMeet
  20. Anyone heading to this? Just sorted my ticket! http://www.pausefest.com.au/
  21. Hey, I wanted to put a thread out there to see if there is any interest in a animation / mograph meetup type thing. I see that there seems to be a lot of AE and C4D meetups in various big cities but I'm failing to see anything similar here. What I was thinking of was getting people together who are interested in Mograph / Animation / AE / C4D / VFX etc and meeting for a drink etc and seeing what happens. It could be a great way to meet new people and just have someone to talk too about our interests. I asked the question before but no known meetups existed. I've googled it quite a bit and can't seem to find anything (I may also just be looking in the wrong place so if anything does exist please point me in the right direction). I have spoken with a couple people already and they are keen to meet. There seems to be a lot of us doing this type of work in and around Melbourne and it would be great to meet. If anyone is interested then please do get in touch and I can arrange something! You can email me at info [at] liamcarlin [dot] com or reply to this thread. Thanks Liam p.s. I will be posting this on a few forums so apologies if you see this twice or thrice!
  22. This is great Blinky!!! Now i'm going to read all your posts in your voice!
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