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  1. haha. Thanks patches... it looms nearer by the day
  2. As my final days of being a student eb away I thought i'd share my final project with you all. No more midday wake up justifications or excuses for being a student. Back to the real world for me Cheers Liam
  3. Basic

    Snow visuals

    Cool - was this for the competition?
  4. This was my outcome. AO - never again. https://vimeo.com/57471320
  5. Hey Chris, Thanks for taking the time to have a look and comment. I do actually agree with what you are saying, I did think a lot of this when putting it together. A few of the shots were very consciously minmal and some weren't finished (which i was hoping wouldn't get noticed) due to deadlines etc as I would of liked. But saying that Its some really good feedback. As for City Kit It was all built and textured in maya from scratch! So i'll take this as a compliment Yeah this is something I struggle with and work on all of the time. I went to University with no art background or really ever having drawn or being creative in this kind of way. I feel like I'm playing catch up all the time but its good because I'm learning. I have some additional art classes I'll be taking in the summer and hopefully spend the summer practicing that and then in turn applying it. I really like the last paragraph of your comments. It's all taken on board and thanks again Cheers Liam
  6. Hey Guys, This is the first cut of my student reel. https://vimeo.com/63517429 all feed back etc is welcome. Cheers Liam
  7. Hey Guys & Gals, I recently worked on a project for the Royal Society of Arts (Sounds Fancy) via University. The brief I chose was to create a modular based housing system that looked at the general cost of construction and reducing that by adding low voc materials and things like passive cooling. The Animation *is* finished but a few little mograph elements needed to be added. I handed it in. Nice brief to work on but loads of issues creating it. Why did I choose ambient occlusion as a shader... never again. All comments etc welcome. I like the feedback. https://vimeo.com/57471320 Cheers Liam
  8. Hey Guys & Gals, I Will be moving to Melbourne come September this year and really wanting to get to know the who's who and what's what of the city. I've spent a good few months in Melbourne before so know it quite well but just as a tourist so I didnt pay attention to what I'm about to ask. Are there many city meetups for the creative mograph type people? I have started following studio's etc on Vimeo but to be honest I dont know where to go to find out information of these types of events. Shared Studio space is something I am looking into also. Any suggestions? CBD is what Im thinking but if a little bit further out is cheaper than i'll happily go there. Is there any particular area's where studio's are based or are people spread out? I'll originally be Fern Tree Gully based but will move more central when I start getting a steady income. Sorry for such a broad subject but I would be interested in hearing what its like for other peeps. Cheers Liam
  9. I've battled with this for years but the last 3 I have been at University. Anothername is right, I think changing your approach and business model will help. I think its important to clearly define goals and stick to them. I floated around for few years pursuring a VJ/Mograph career (before I fully understood mograph). I had worked a lot of full time jobs just working in call centres and grafting on a night but its not a good work life balance and I think its very unhealthy. but after about 5 years on and off I went to Uni where I am now (final year). Since being at Uni i've been freelancing and doing well. its only part time and Uni comes first. Its took me a long time to get my shit together and focus. I think its hard when you want something so bad and feel like your not getting anywhere with it. Just my random sleepy £0.02. I dont know how much is relevant and how much was me thinking out loud
  10. the free package looks ok http://skylightit.com/packages/
  11. I personally use Evernote. I know its not the same as skylightit but works for my needs. A friend of mine uses this but I never had the patience to really understand it. http://www.trgtd.com.au/ It has some functionality you require. http://www.omnigroup.com/products/omnifocus/ - maybes I dont know of any other ones but i have read some similar threads.
  12. Cool, Thanks Eric. That's what i needed to hear
  13. Yeah for sure. Its a journey everyday and it only calms down on weekends... I've heard that a lot about creative people etc. I'm not sure whether it is the creativity or the caffeine... either way i dont like it that much This is what I currently have right now. http://www.teapigs.co.uk/tea/all_tea/lemon_and_ginger.htm What is your currently tea of choice??
  14. Hey Everyone, I am currently in the process of creating a modular-esque concept house for my animation class. I have completed my design and drawn the blueprints in Illustrator (You can see below). My initial thinking was to import the AI file as curves and model from there. In the past when modelling buildings I have just created each element separate. For example I have created a plane for the floor. Then created another plane for the roof, then the walls and so on so forth. So for this particular project I've broke it down to modelling the structure and the contents inside - Furniture, Lights... etc So as I normally create each element individually is it better to create the whole structure as one mesh? The reason I'm asking is because I dont know the best modelling practice and whether 'One Mesh' is universal for all forms of modelling. I think my question is really. Should I model the structure of my modular house as one mesh or a few different ones and then combine in a scene? I hope I have waffled on too much... Thanks Liam EDIT: My current tools for this project as CS6 Suite, Maya 2013. I have also posted this over at CG Society - I'm one of them people. Double threading haha.
  15. This is something that has plagued me for years and never thought it bothered anyone else either! I used to offer to make tea and once i'd made a cup for everyone i'd want another one.... and another one.... and... you get the picture. Now I just make for myself and i'm happy with that. At my worst my tea addiction was 15/20 cups a day. I had to cut down for the fact that I needed the toilet every 20 mins. I recently drank 8 cups in 2 hours and not only did I need the toilet loads I actually started to have caffeine induced anxiety attacks... haha. I now drink caffeine free tea and try and only have a few cups a day.
  16. Can spot that style a mile away.... DANNY BRADY!
  17. Cool - I think is what I needed to hear. for me its just a case of more practice and looking at more work.Saying that I've been loading at a load of photographers that dont abide the rule and the results are amazing!Thanks for clearing this up
  18. Cool - I think is what I needed to hear. for me its just a case of more practice and looking at more work.Saying that I've been loading at a load of photographers that dont abide the rule and the results are amazing!Thanks for clearing this up
  19. Cool, this is exactly what I have been looking for. I will get to the library. Thanks
  20. Hey Guys & Gals. This is something that has puzzled me for a while now and I am hoping it can be cleared up. I am creating an animated info graphic which will comprise of many different types of scenes. It will comprise of 3D & 2D scenes, It will have lots of text and also some data visualization. Should you always use the Rule of Thirds on each shot? I know you can break the rules when you know them but I dont know how too. is it just time and practice? I think this video is a really good example of the Rule of Thirds. Thanks Liam
  21. I'm glad i came across this thead. I was starting to feel that i was following the same blogs and seeing the same reblogs time and time again. I just unsubsribed from all of my blogs and im going to start afresh. before was always, but does it float and Vimeo - Sometimes i find watching too much video just makes me sick haha. i find i just watch and watch and my mind melts. twitter - I find this ok but so many people saying nothing. I may be following the wrong people.
  22. Yeah this is something i really struggle with too. I haven't ever really found a solution, I sometimes need a little pressure to get the best out of me!
  23. **Also since its a desirable place to live, a lot of the studios hire foreigners for minimum wage in exchange for visa sponsorship. This is interesting and something i wanted to avoid. In Austrailia i'll be testing the water so to speak. I have sponsership If i want to stay there for good but i want to see what its like. Work/life balance. Ive been to Oz a few times but as a tourist its always different. Thanks for the replies to my Oz question though
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