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  1. Hey All- I am rendering a project that uses the mograph random effector on a bunch of clones. A certain portion of the sequence is going to be rendered at 200 fps as oppose to 30fps. However all the clones affected by the mograph effector change when that portion of the sequence is rendered at 200 fps, even when I bake the clones the Mograph Cache tag.... what am i missing?
  2. Hey all, I just finished animating and producing a visual ambient album. It's more like a moving cg sculpture and less like a short film. The album consists of a looping visual with audio interpreted for each loop by several music artists from around the world. Hopefully we've captured something unique here. It's long and meditational, not a 1 minute popper for sober office lunchtime viewing. So wait till you get home, then get blitzed and turn out the lights, full-screen this in HD and enjoy! http://vimeo.com/76794746 you can download the audio only version album, check out some project extras and see more of my stuff here www.plantheadmedia.com Enjoy!
  3. Hello- I have an animated mask shape created out of several mask paths... I would like to fill this mask with a picture file that is fixed to the mask as it moves... so if the mask grows- I would like the picture within it, to grow as well. Normally the mask will simply reveal what is beneath it, but I would like to somehow lock what is beneath it, to the mask geometry. I hope I am being clear. Is this possible?
  4. I've been away from a computer for a year- and have got back into learning C4D.... so here's my noob question- how is the modeling in this video done? Modeling Example how do I just start creating points out of nothing and then turning them into polygons? i know- i know- so noob... but at least i'm back
  5. Just wondering how to exclude a layer from being affected by an adjustment while preserving layer order?
  6. Im not sure the sample image technique will help in my case. I'm pretty sure the remap plugin is what I am going to have to get. Thanks!
  7. Is it possible to link an effect parameter (such as distort intensity) to gray scale or alpha channel? basically I want the intensity of an effect ( ie distort effects) to be more intense where the white levels are greater and less intense where darker.
  8. sorry it works- I'm just a noob- and didn't change the output module.....anyways, thanks for the help
  9. I can output to quicktime using the export menu- but I am afraid my video settings will not fully match my composition settings if I don't use the Render Que.... I thought the Render Que was capable of outputting into multiple files formtas?
  10. for some reason i can only output to avi- quicktime is installed
  11. Is it possible to render out quicktime .mov files out of AE CS4? if so- how do I do it? Thank You!
  12. Once I feather the mask in the adjustment layer- I begin to see two layers- the one that has the twirl effect on it, and the unaltered one underneath it- even though when looking at the timeline there is only one picture layer and one adjustment layer- if feathering the mask actually feathered the intensity of the effect around the edges of the mask, I should see the gradual intensity change of the effect from the center to the edges of the mask- but all i see is a separate layer being blended into the original with an overlap because of the opacity I guess i probably need expressions to achieve what i want to do
  13. I tried to using the adjustment layer technique- and what I wanted to happen was to have the mask feather option, feather the intensity of the effect around the mask edges- but instead what happens is it seems to create a duplicate of the layer beneath it anyway, and then it feathers the opacity of the edges of the duplicate so that the original layer is visible underneath it... I hope I explained myself properly- but in other words, I basically am looking for a technique that will let me feather the intensity of the effect along the edges of the mask- is this possible?
  14. Hi all- just wondering how to have an effect only work on an area within a mask?
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