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Found 97 results

  1. Hello Everybody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR6QhGgXmTM I want to share a video of me with you guys. Its a visualizer done in After Effects with the plugins trapcode form and sound keys. I really hope you like it and please give me some feedback- Thanks. Greets Andrin Rehmann
  2. I need to make a "photo-real" watch for a client and the face is a material called "Mother of Pearl". If anyone has tried to create this material and had success I would like to hear how you went about creating it. I saw a mother-of-pearl watch today and when I held it to a light source the colors of the rainbow were in full-effect. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, check out this short CGI animation i made about the Platonic Solids: Thanks!
  4. BTang

    BTang Reel

    Hello! Check out my new reel. Enjoy! -BTang
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Paolo and I’m a 3D Motion Artist & Compositor based in Milan, but available for work in Italy and the rest of the world. I am a freelance with over 4 years experience working on adverts and TV channel identity, working both as compositor and 3d generalist. I usually work using Nuke and After Effects. I also use Maya, Photoshop, illustrator, Real Flow and PfTrack. I'm looking for new opportunities to work in London, and this is my new showreel! Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me at contact@paolosottocornola.com http://vimeo.com/104282502
  6. juancodg


    Hi I`ve just finished an experimental ! best Juan
  7. Hi there here is my last showreel!!!! Do not hesitate to comment!!! www.proxystudio.ca Thanks!
  8. New show reel for 2014 which showcases my work from the past year or two. Most of the content is from going freelance in February of 2013.
  9. Hi everyone, this is my new showreel, I hope you like it! https://www.behance.net/gallery/SHOWREEL-2013/14147735 cheers
  10. Hi guys, I found these bizarre and otherworldly fractals that I wanted to share with you: They're mine- I rendered them with 'Mandelbulb 3D'. Great stuff for motion graphics lovers.
  11. Had a couple of enquiries about this project from a year or so ago, thought I'd bung a quick walkthrough together. The idea is to get embossed/debossed/engraved lettering to write onto 3D surfaces without compromising the precise strokes and pacing of the type. I tried about half a dozen techniques before finishing on this one, which seemed to do the trick, especially with extreme contrast in stroke widths. It's not tricky but does assume basic C4D knowledge, and is quite time consuming in the setup phase - but you do get payback with a very flexible, lightweight file when it comes to animate. The starting point is to get the lettering properly digitised in Illustrator, with outline paths, and a centre line for the sweep. I then pulled the file into C4D, and split the paths into sections to sweep, and a wider mask around the outside to hide any overflow. You still need to tweak the sweeps, to get the rough scale of the strokes right, so you'll end up with a sweep scale a bit like this, to follow the thick/thin pen lines as the sweep follows the path around from 0-100%. The key trick in the whole technique is to then separate the outlines and centre line, use the outlines as a mask and put the sweep behind the mask. That way you can build the strokes up using a succession of sweeps, but keep the precise type lines because the mask clips off any overflow. When viewed through a front-facing 2D camera, you get this: which you can render with motion blur, to get something like this: Once you've got these sweeps in place it's just a case of rendering out the sweeps as high-res, 32-bit image sequences, and using these as layered textures to drive material displacement. You can then start getting fancy, adding a little edge noise & blur, clipping the levels to get flat surfaces, using the texture to massage the reflectivity/spec etc so the embossed regions show sufficient contrast to become legible. Add some camera moves, you end up with this: You need quite clean geometry and sub-pixel displacement of course. Any other details needed, or questions, fire away and I may or may not reply Cheers! C
  12. Hey everyone! I've been sitting in the shadows for the longest time soaking up all the knowledge and everything being shared on this site, so I wanted to attempt to give back in a small way as a 'thank you'. I made a shader set from all the holiday ornaments I had to make for a project recently and decided to share it with you all! Also on my blog you'll find other C4D models I'm sharing, like some bows for presents and some Christmas tree lights. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! UPDATE: I updated this pack to volume 2, it's got over 50 textures now and I added another ornament type. Enjoy and happy holidays! Link to download Holiday Shader Pack
  13. In this post I’ll show you how to easily estimate disparity map of captured S3D footage in Adobe After Effects using YUVsoft Depth from Stereo Lite. Below is an initial stereo image: All we need to do is add Depth from Stereo plug-in to the composition with the initial stereo. The rest of the work will be done by the plug-in. Estimated disparity map is shown below. The tool used in this example is a part of Stereo Processing Suite Lite—a set of Adobe After Effects plug-ins for 3D-video processing and correction. A free trial version is available at the YUVsoft website. Prices for individual tools start at $149. Feel free to ask me any questions about Stereo Processing Suite Lite; I’ll be glad to answer them.
  14. Mooschool collaborated with Pressure Drop Pictures to produce 4 x 30" TV channel branding idents for Sony Turbo Russia. Here's a link to the project on my website. You'll find more info on there too. I designed and animated the sequences combining 3D environments with stills photography to create a kind of faux timeslice. I won't ramble on but do shout if any questions about how it was put together. Similarly, happy to hear any criticisms... or compliments! Thanks, Nick Maroussas www.mooschool.co.uk
  15. Hi guys! This is my new reel, a works selection, personal and professional. I hope you enjoy + https://vimeo.com/79874943 Thanks for watching
  16. So, I'm beginning a scene here in C4D R14 for the wonderful new addition to this release - the "motion camera tag". Such a great tool. Super realistic handheld feel that I have been unable to perfect in earlier releases. My dilemma is that I want to use vray for texturing and rendering but I do not have vray for R14, I do have it for R13 though... So, I'm wondering, is there a way to bake the motion that the motion tag is creating on the camera into keyframes? Or is there some kind of way that I can get that camera motion back into R13?... If anyone has any experience with this please help! Tommy
  17. Hey everyone. I'm a bit new on the freelancing scene, so I've updated my reel. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! ap
  18. Hello Guys! Please check out my latest reel and design work. Thanks for your time! http://sianey.com/REELhttp://www.sianey.com/
  19. Learn how to set up sky lighting, easily create an unwrapped photo similar to HDRI, and apply it to your scene. Your GI renders will look as if they're in the environment from your location. Also learn how to incorporate it with a moving scene by applying a 3D camera tracker from After Effects.
  20. ARTIBITE REEL 2013 http://artibite.com/#/post/artibite_reel-201350 Hope you like it? Let me know. Sunny regards, Kevin
  21. Hi, Please can anyone share a paper scene or shader with a similar setup to the below link: http://strictlypaper.com/blog/?s=yum I have tried searching for the tutorial which this appeared in ( digital arts issue 09 ) does anyone have a copy or know where I can locate it? Hope someone can help thanks Ben
  22. Is there a way to turn all the 2D Source points in After Effect's 3D camera tracker into nulls? I get the full menu with 3D Solved, but when I toggle it back to 2D source it only gives me the option to delete points. I wanted to then use the null points to create a triangulation look either with Plexus or something else. Not actually for a real project. I just wrapped a project with MLK in it and had the footage handy.
  23. hey Guy's I made this short Movie, tell me what you think about it ! http://www.behance.net/gallery/6-12-Rules-to-win-a-Bar-Fight/2512759 Cheers A
  24. Hi, For some reason, the V-Ray Light tag in C4D R14 has the Sun Light section completely greyed out. For that reason I cannot turn the physical sun on. I have been everywhere as far as the resources are concerned and yes, checked the manual as well but cannot for the life of me figure out why. I hope it is such a minuscule and simple thing I cannot see that for the person who has the answer, I will look like a complete fool. But I shall accept my faith, do any of you brilliant guys out there know what I've been doing wrong? Kind regards. (p.s. just realised that I have posted this in the wrong section, now looking to figure out how to direct this to a new location, oh god..)
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