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Found 97 results

  1. I created this using only Video Copilot's Element 3D. I used masks and shapes to create the shield after watching Video Copilot's video on building in Element 3D using only masks. https://vimeo.com/67297879
  2. Hey guys, take a look at our new work: Mr.KEKO https://vimeo.com/57750650 Would be very kind of you to give us some feedback! Love kekotivity.com
  3. http://vimeo.com/66018500 https://vimeo.com/59513130 https://vimeo.com/59792723 https://vimeo.com/66087246 https://vimeo.com/66090107 https://vimeo.com/66090562
  4. Hey, check out our new Video: the super epic adventures of Mr.Keko on behance.net! http://www.behance.net/gallery/The-epic-adventures-of-MrKEKO/8614289 Cheers!
  5. To mark my 10 years fiddling in motion playground, I cut the hell out of my work, leaving 3:20 showreel for you and my grand children to see. https://vimeo.com/64891400 your comments and critics are welcome. thanks for watching. more?
  6. Hey Guys I just finished my new Website, I recently graduated and trying my first steps as illustrator and animator Check out my site and tell me what you think ! some tipps on my work would be great http://antonschilli.de/ - cheers Anton -
  7. Hey guys, take a look at our new work: Mr.KEKO https://vimeo.com/57750650 Would be very kind of you to give us some feedback! Love kekotivity.com
  8. Hi everyone. I have a client who runs a software company and they are looking for an explainer video of their services to play on the homepage of the company website. Does anyone here know of any really nice explainer videos, ideally for a software company or similar. I am looking for references which are clean, light, blue, white and graphical. Anything Microsoft have done could be relevant. I hope someone can help as I am struggling to see anything on vimeo. thanks, Ben
  9. I have a comp setup with a planet that has many asteroids orbiting the planet, the way I set everything up, there is an animation of a single asteroid orbiting in 3D put inside of a pre-comp with Collapse Transformations enabled, and then I duplicate that pre-comp many times and shift around it's position to make it look like there are many asteroids in orbit- all this works beautifully, the asteroids pass behind the planet in 3d and then orbit back around perfectly- BUT if I throw an effect ontop of the pre-comp such as a a Hue/Saturation effect it's as if Collapse Transformations was never enabled and the layer becomes 2D again (the asteroids no longer pass behind the planet properly in 3d space) How can I apply effects such as color correction to pre-comps and have them maintain their 3D qualities?
  10. Hi everyone! I decided to re-edit my showreel, while i'm waiting to clear most of the projects that I was working on during last year (2012) as it still going to take a while to have permission to show the projects that I was worked on last year. And it's that time of the year where nothing much is going on and i'm at home watching tutorials and playing around with software. So this is what I got so far, and would be amazing to hear all your bad and good comments about it. I'm always learning, so every comment good or bad that helps me to improve is more than welcome! Thanks a lot for watching! http://vimeo.com/39883263
  11. Hi everyone! We've just uploaded two new projects to our project gallery. Have a look: http://www.img.tv/projeto/ese http://www.img.tv/projeto/ana_carolina I think this is also a good opportunity to introduce our studio, IMG Crossmedia Studio, based in Brasilia - Brazil. We work mainly with 3D, Motion Graphics and Games. While you are there, check out our other works as well. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I'm looking for a spot or any reference where the floor or ground is invisible. I remember seeing a spot where a low angle camera was looking up at a city through an invisible ground or glass plane. The result was an interesting look on life - people and automobiles were moving above as iff to be floating in the sky. Any ideas?
  13. My Reel just got out, give me your feedback and share it if you like Terroir Reel 2012
  14. Psyop posts videos from a recent internal ICE workshop. http://www.psyop.tv/psyop-softimage-ice-workshop/ ICE is proving to be a great framework to nodally code and make really great designs. Hopefully we will start to see this being used more in the industry.... -m
  15. Hello there everybody!! This is my first post in here... I would like to receive comments on my demo 2012: I'm trying to start working in this motion graphics world... I will appreciate some suggestions on how to move myself on this world too... thanks in advance!!
  16. Kevin Burke Showreel 2012 https://vimeo.com/44610997
  17. Hi there, My name is Jordi Pages, recently I've been working on a collaboration with Echoic Audio (www.echoicaudio.com) and that is the result: Please check the movie here Any feedback is more than welcome Thanks for watching!
  18. Has anyone used it? I just used ICE and CrowdFX on a project and found it very easy to manipulate
  19. We just released a new beta of AtomKraft. Apply here, if you want to get on board. Intro documentation is here. Beers, .mm
  20. Hey guys, just wanted to share my new reel and see what people thought of it and get some feedback. Any feedback is apreciated and if nothing to say, then thanks for watching my reel. _______________ Shannonds.com
  21. This is a teaser from my up coming tutorials series using Cinema4d,after effects, Photoshop, illustrator and 3ds Max !!! I hope you like it And please leave a comment below
  22. This is a teaser from my up coming tutorials series using Cinema4d,after effects, Photoshop, illustrator and 3ds Max !!! I hope you like it And please leave a comment below
  23. Hey guys, I've updated my site and wanted to share it with the world. www.MoGriph.com Thanks! S Xx
  24. hi there folks, my first post, so apologies if I'm missing any kind of etiquette here. I'm trying to work out th best tool to track a handheld 'wand' in 3d. The wand is partially wrapped in green tape (to make it contrasty for extraction/tracking). The objective is to replace the green section of the wand with an alien probe type object that will be built in 3d. All the 3d trackers I'm looking at talk a lot about match moving the camera so that objects can be inserted into the shot, but I just want to track the motion of the character raising the wand into shot and out again. Any ideas? I will try and attach a screenshot...
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