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Found 52 results

  1. HI I am currently making a film - and have a section in the middle that is based on a video game - like an endless Runner. It's sort of Mario like or maybe more like Canabalt or It is a video, but needs to feel video game like. My Scene is 17 seconds long and has to fit a certain amount of things in to make the narrative make sense. I am currently blocking in the action - and don't know the best way to get a decent scroll look. I am going to try a master scroll null (possibly parented to a slider control). I might also try using he offset effect. does anyone have any wisdom on this? it would help me process. I am very short on time, - any tips very much appreciated
  2. http://vimeo.com/26968936 pass: uprising Hey guys. I just finished a 3D project in Cinema and wanted to post the final here. It's pretty simple but I def feel like I'm progressing from where I started in 3D I don't do as many 3D projects as I would like but it feels good when I'm able to do them. I always learn a lot. This time it seems texturing and rendering were the big hurdles. There are things I wish I could of done better. I don't like that the bricks just explode into perfect cubes. I tried playing with Nitro4D but didn't have the time to really make it do what I needed it to do. The texturing started freaking out when I had it set to fillet. Not sure why that was. Had so many rendering issues. Started with GI then went to AO and finally got some kinks worked out where in the end GI worked the best for me. AO just kept looking like crap and taking forever to render. Anyways thanks to all who helped me out with some of my questions.
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