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Found 187 results

  1. Hey everyone. I'm a bit new on the freelancing scene, so I've updated my reel. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! ap
  2. Hello Guys! Please check out my latest reel and design work. Thanks for your time! http://sianey.com/REELhttp://www.sianey.com/
  3. ARTIBITE REEL 2013 http://artibite.com/#/post/artibite_reel-201350 Hope you like it? Let me know. Sunny regards, Kevin
  4. Here are three videos in Motion Design I did for online banking. I hope youll like it Comments are welcome! Twitter | Vimeo | 500px | LinkedIn | Facebook
  5. Okay, so i have a stack of speakers that has a dynamics tag applied to the cloner object that creates the stack of speakers. I have simulated, set initial state on the tags and baked all...so now i want to create a plain effector to animate up and down to make them bounce in a toon like manner but when I add the plain effector the rigid body tag with the baked dynamics seems to override it. Does anyone know if this is possible to do or if i'm stuck. My original plan was not to go this route but I was asked to add a bounce, this seemed to me like the best route but i seem to be stuck at the moment. Thanks, Cory
  6. hey Guy's I made this short Movie, tell me what you think about it ! http://www.behance.net/gallery/6-12-Rules-to-win-a-Bar-Fight/2512759 Cheers A
  7. Agris

    My Demo Reel

    Hi, all. I recently discovered this forum and saw many nice works here, so I decided to throw my reel here. I started doing this thing 5 years ago (whyle studying computer science at Uni ) , and it's my first reel. As i have progressed a lot, it consists mostly of my last years works. any critique appreciated
  8. Hi guys, this was entirely done in After Effects CS5. I used the Freeform Pro plug-in to create the monitor and the terrain. Shapshifter was used to create the logo. Any feedback are more than welcome. https://vimeo.com/67876305
  9. Made this from assets that were from another small project. Hope you all enjoy it, and any feedback is welcome. http://vimeo.com/67312701
  10. Hey there fellow mographers, It's been a long while since I've posted here. I wanted to share a new opening title sequence I designed for the upcoming film literacy miniseries that will screen throughout the summer at The Cinema Circus Children's Film Festival. All feedback welcome and appreciated! Professor Projector - Main Title Sequence Many Thanks, Jeremy
  11. Animation showreel https://vimeo.com/66961603 Robertas Nevecka http://robertasnevecka.com/en
  12. Hey, check out our new Video: the super epic adventures of Mr.Keko on behance.net! http://www.behance.net/gallery/The-epic-adventures-of-MrKEKO/8614289 Cheers!
  13. Hey Guys I just finished my new Website, I recently graduated and trying my first steps as illustrator and animator Check out my site and tell me what you think ! some tipps on my work would be great http://antonschilli.de/ - cheers Anton -
  14. Hi guys! I just finished an animated teaser and wanted to share it with you, to see what your reactions and thoughts are. This is a personal animation project, tribute to the graphic novel Luna Park. I fell in love with the comic when I read it the first time, specially of the particular drawing style of Danijel Zezelj. The idea was to create a sort of teaser or trailer of the novel, using a selection of its own frames. It was a long process, editing every shot in Photoshop, cutting out every element and painting the empty spaces left behind, trying to keep a style consistent with the original work. Then it was a matter of joining all the elements inside After Effects, re-building every composition and bringing them to life, animating elements, using cameras to play with the parallax and adding some atmosphere with subtle light and particles effects. And this is the final result: LUNA PARK [Teaser] I'd love to know what do you guys think about it, what would you have done different, what could be improved... Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks a lot! Ernex Motion Graphics Designer / Art Director www.ernex.es
  15. Hey guys, take a look at our new work: Mr.KEKO https://vimeo.com/57750650 Would be very kind of you to give us some feedback! Love kekotivity.com
  16. Hey guys, take a look at our new work: Mr.KEKO https://vimeo.com/57750650 Would be very kind of you to give us some feedback! Love kekotivity.com
  17. I'd like to share one of my recent projects with you guys: http://vimeo.com/63333916 It's an animated short to promote an upcoming social networking app. Illustrations were made by the award winning 105 Pariis. Enjoy!
  18. Hey guys. I present my student thesis from Parsons: The New School of Design. Any critiques and comments are more than welcome. Thanks!
  19. https://vimeo.com/63936077 Feedback appreciated.
  20. xiaoali

    Reel WIP

    Still missing the open/end slate because I haven't quite decided how to brand myself. Would love some feedback though, thanks! https://vimeo.com/63910771
  21. Hi i am mographer since 3 years, you can find here my last Reel https://vimeo.com/63581762 i expect you will love it. have a nice day
  22. Hi i am mographer since 3 years, you can find here my last Reel https://vimeo.com/63581762 i expect you will love it. have a nice day
  23. Hi Everybody ! Here's a link to an effect i've been trying to reproduice : None of attemps seemed to be working fine, i really hope you guys could enlighten me here's what i tried : I used a helix spline and a spline wrap deformer to deform my "sheet of paper/ card" along the spline. At the beginning i want the paper to be still, then to animated along the spline. I can't manage to get the paper card to animate properly, i'll always have weird angles or the paper card to disappear. here's my c4d r14 file http://we.tl/JOIo3Mecso I know this might not be the most clear explanation, pardon my english. Would you be aware of a better way to achieve this or a tutorial explaining that kind of animation ? Thank you in advance, wish you all a great day !
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