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Found 208 results

  1. Keep hearing about Octane for C4D? Want to know more about how it works? Want to know about the required hardware? Is it worth the money? Absolutely! We'll guide you through it. Links: INLIFETHRILL DESIGNS - OCTANERENDER FOR CINEMA 4D http://inlifethrill.com/trainings/octanerender_for_cinema_4d/
  2. Hi i'm Esteban Bustos, i'm freelance designer, here is my reel 2014: If you have any suggestions or advice would be nice to hear them.
  3. Here's some free Xpresso setups for creating strobe, pulse, and flicker effects in Cinema 4D. While created with lights and luminous materials in mind, they can be used to add these effects to any parameter in Cinema 4D accessible via Xpresso. There are separate scene files containing controls for each effect, plus another scene file that contains all of the effects in one controller with a combined output (see interface image below). These controller null objects can be added to any scene file, and all you'll have to do is double click the Xpresso tag on the null object to open the Xpresso interface, and then connect the green final output node to whatever parameter you'd like to apply the effect to. To access the controls, simply select the controller null object, and click the User Data field. The controls are pretty self explanatory; a few minutes fiddling around should be all that's needed to figure them out. Enjoy! Strobe, Pulse and Flicker
  4. Why is orientation important in Cinema 4D? Especially with After Effects? Let's find out.
  5. Anyone else using the Oculus Rift with Cinema 4D? I'd like to hear more about your workflow. Do you use Unity? Unreal Engine? Specifically texturing. Do you try to texture in C4D first or do you wait and just do it all in the game engine? Have you finished developing anything? It seems that a lot of these Oculus apps are not "pretty" yet. http://youtu.be/MU-6Nb2DfYc?list=UUDgiHg9eUJpwxsrsZbIXgrQ
  6. In this tutorial we'll learn how to projection map mountains that you create in Photoshop. We'll also venture into After Effects for a while to learn how to composite using the stuff you created in Cinema 4D. Of course, this is only an hour long tutorial. Once you learn the basics it's up to you to take the time and go the extra mile to realism. If you're interested in getting started with outdoor landscapes in Cinema 4D, this is for you. Pre-made assets for learning purposes only can be found at Brograph.com.
  7. Have you ever received a low resolution, flat logo from a client? Do they need it animated? Is it so plain you don't know what do do with it? In this tutorial Dave spruces up a plain text logo by recreating it and showing off a few tricks to make it look presentable in a 3D environment. If you are like many designers who get bad logos from clients that need to be animated, watch this for some quick tips.
  8. Need to calculate tire rotation for a car? What about turning the front wheels in the direction the car is headed? This can all be done automatically with Xpresso to save you time in the long run.
  9. Hello Melbourne AE + C4D users! I am starting a monthly meetup which is dedicated to all things After Effects and Cinema 4D starting in March 2014. Having seen the success of the Chicago C4D meet and others, I thought we could give it a go as there isn't anything similar in Melbourne already. The idea behind the group is to bring users together to discuss things like, what they are working on, showcase new work, work in progress and learn a thing or two about the packages. It will be an informal gathering over a drink somewhere in the CBD (or other area close to the City) and an opportunity to network and meet new people. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a student who is just starting out, a hobbyist or a full time professional. All are welcome. If you are interested then please like the Facebook page and join the group for all the latest news and info. Don't worry I won't inundate you with useless irrelevant nonsense. Posts will be kept to a minimum. If you have queries or suggestions then please get in touch via Facebook or email - melb.meetup@gmail.com Please find links to the Facebook page & group below... Facebook Page EDIT: (I have deleted the FB group as I think the page is more than enough. Thanks to everyone who had joined the group.) I look forward to hearing from you Thanks Liam P.S. For the none Facebook / Twitter users we have a newsletter so please sign up! The link does say Facebook but its through Mailchimp, this will be a temporary measure until a website is created. https://www.facebook.com/MelbourneAfterEffectsC4DMeetup/app_100265896690345 We are on Twitter too - https://twitter.com/MelbsAEC4DMeet
  10. C4D file organization and folder layouts for the organizational nerd in you.
  11. Hi guys, just wanted to say Hello and show you some of my work. Also would be great to hear any critics. By the way, I'm open for any interesting work and collaboration. Feel free to drop me a line! mail: pavlovphilipp@gmail.com site: http://philipppavlov.com/ And a few more dribble behance twitter
  12. Not too great with Cinema, trying to create an animation by extruding 90 paths on 90 layers from an AI file. I saved it as a v8, checked "group paths" and opened it from within C4D. All the different path outlines are nested in a null object but are referred to as paths 1-90. Is there any way to fix this? Each path corresponds with specific data sets that I had to collect and it could prove difficult to find and rename them all. Edit: As far as I can tell I posted this where I was supposed to. Apologies otherwise.
  13. Here's a music video that I directed and animated for the band Tyred Eyes. 3D done in Cinema 4D Compositing in After Effects Enjoy / Peter
  14. Hey Guys, Check out my updated reel. Hope you guys like it.
  15. An easy one, but a great started project if you've never used them before. We create a pattern to use as a gobo in Cinema 4D to project onto objects using a light. http://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=xoo_vV1uSIg
  16. Just finished this tut on C4D and Oculus Rift via Unity. Super easy to integrate if you're interested...
  17. Here is a showreel featuring recent work from the Movult studio. Thanks for watching. www.movult.com
  18. Hello Mograph community! Brand new out from your pals over here at Renderfeed, we have recently launched a new service that we wanted to let the community know about… Introducing Renderfeed On Demand. With competitive pricing and now more computers than ever, get your projects rendered quickly at your convenience! With On Demand you can use our simple and easy to use plugin that has recently been upgraded to Cinema 4D R15 and VRAYforC4D 1.8! Now you can render whenever you want without have to reserve machines in advance. Check out packages and pricing at www.renderfeed.com on the new On Demand page. We will also be keeping our popular Renderfeed Reserved if that work flow fits into your schedule / project. Thanks Mograph community, keep up the awesome work and we look forward to helping you get your jobs done quickly and easily in the future! -Patrick
  19. Hey Mograph, It's been a while since I've been able to post one of these. The latest tutorial is over an hour of a million little tips and tricks that lead up the the creation of a cool particle-ish type animation. I cover everything from prepping artwork in Illustrator, setting up a Multishader, using the Inheritance Effector, and the Motion Sketch in AE even makes an appearance. Particle Text with the Inheritance Effector in Cinema 4D Thanks guys! joey
  20. Extreme beginner's guide to VRAY for C4D. For the super, super green.
  21. Hey everyone! I've been sitting in the shadows for the longest time soaking up all the knowledge and everything being shared on this site, so I wanted to attempt to give back in a small way as a 'thank you'. I made a shader set from all the holiday ornaments I had to make for a project recently and decided to share it with you all! Also on my blog you'll find other C4D models I'm sharing, like some bows for presents and some Christmas tree lights. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! UPDATE: I updated this pack to volume 2, it's got over 50 textures now and I added another ornament type. Enjoy and happy holidays! Link to download Holiday Shader Pack
  22. Is there any way to make the attribute graphs bigger for more precise control?
  23. Messing with the mograph module in cinema 4D. I hope you like it, all comments welcome.
  24. I don't think I've ever posted a reel here, must be too intimidating! www.mattfrodsham.com
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