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Found 3 results

  1. Ahoy! Just joined the forum. Here is a project I just finished up recently. It's on the thrilling topic of Arc Flash Boundaries. OOOooooo AAaaaaahhhhh. I hope for the admittedly dry material, the presentation is somewhat engaging. Got some obvious video game inspiration in there. Anyway, I was in charge of everything other than script writing, and voice over. Oh! If you watch it, stick around for the dance party at the end. Thanks!
  2. Hi there guys, Recently, I made this litle explainer with some friends, for a non-profit organization in Portugal (where I'm from). I just wanted to know your general feedback on this, to see where I can improve the next time! There's some simple subtitles there, if you need it as well. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone. I have a client who runs a software company and they are looking for an explainer video of their services to play on the homepage of the company website. Does anyone here know of any really nice explainer videos, ideally for a software company or similar. I am looking for references which are clean, light, blue, white and graphical. Anything Microsoft have done could be relevant. I hope someone can help as I am struggling to see anything on vimeo. thanks, Ben
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