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Found 109 results

  1. I am currently working on an animation of an asteroid field, I have a 150 asteroids I have created by putting a single asteroid inside a cloner object and then using a single Random effector to disperse them, rotate them, and randomly scale them. I would like to have each asteroid rotate and randomly move as if being blown around by some some of solar wind, but I cannot figure out how to do this... how would I go about injecting a little x and z motion into the asteroids and a little random rotation?
  2. Hi guys This is my new video: My Job, Motion & Graphic Designer. A small Video that gives an insight into my Work. https://vimeo.com/64985891 Thanks fo watching
  3. Hey guys, just put up a new tutorial for fans of expressions. We go pretty deep, building a rig that has a lot of automatic features and makes it easy to create carousels for logos, images, etc... I also posted the rig on the site to download for free. I hope you all find this helpful! http://www.schoolofmotion.com/carousel-rig-in-after-effects-with-expressions/ Joey
  4. Hi everybody! I am asked to purchase some software tools for a workstation we're setting up for motion graphics. It's for a small TV company who is looking to produce some motion graphics in house. They are allowing me to buy Cinema 4D along with some other software so right now I'm compiling a list together. I have 2 questions: Question 1: I don't see the sense in paying for the full Cinema 4D Studio suite since we're not going to be doing advanced 3D with this software. I'll be using Cinema 4D primarily for motion graphics work and in-house designed channel air-packs, so am I right to be asking to buy "Cinema 4D Broadcast"? Is that the right version to get or is there a feature that I may regret not having that's on another version? Question 2: I need to learn Cinema 4D fast. I am working with some graphics people to design an air-pack for a new channel and of course, I don't expect that I'll be a pro overnight, but I do need to dive and learn the commonly used mograph relevant functionality of this software. I have a Lynda.com account already and it looks like they have some good stuff there? Would you say it's a good resource to get quick training on cinema 4D or is there something else out there that you can recommend? Thank you for your time and help! :-) Patricio
  5. This is a music video I did with a couple friends a few years ago. I directed, animated/composited everything. Enjoy!
  6. Hey all, I am trying to create a "dancing fountain" type of animation. (see for example). I was able to successfully clone my TP emitter across a spline using the Matrix Object. I can get effectors to effect the PSR of the emitter itself, but nothing to do with the actual emitter properties. I think all I need to do is get the "Time Offset" in the Plain Effector to work, however all my efforts to do so have come up short. I used this (http://www.3danvil.com/tutorials/TP%20emmiters%20from%20Matrix%20Object%20Positions.c4d) project file to get started. Any thoughts? Thanks! -Brian
  7. Hello everyone, Please Check out the attached project file. http://www.divshare.com/download/21402252-44c I have a difficulty animating pages of the magazine. I followed some tips from Mike the Monkey. I sorted out the issues with overlapping pages. I'd like to have the first 2 pages open slowly as they are (when 1 page rests the other starts moving). Then the tempo should speed up. And the pages should be closer together (just flip through it). And then gradually slow down the final few spread turns. When it gets to the cover page, the whole magazine should become flat and sit on the surface. I tried to increase the speed by animating time offset on the step effector. Unfortunately the result is jerky as you can see. I also can't use ease in or out on those key-frames. I tried to render just slow animation and time remap it in After Effects. It didn't give me the result I'm after as I need the pages to be closer together towards the end. Also I need to use the X-ref to be able to adjust the 1 page turning animation on the fly. I know I could do this with a help of Nitro Bookcase plugin, but I'd rather do it through Mograph. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hope you guys are doing well and got through this relatively unscathed.
  9. Hi there, my very first post here, so please be gentle with me I've been looking into Tim Clapham's tutorial Thinking Particles from Dynamic Collisions (link). I wanted to further develop this technique and apply it to a TP emitter (hooked up via a Matrix object). Now, my problem is that not all objects emits in the collision process, only some. And all of them stop emitting after a few frames. Save for one that emits throughout the animation. I've tried to wire it up via the Dynamics Body Node, but can't seem to feed in the right values (or ports) to the Dynamics Collision Node. My guess is that I haven't fed the right amount of data into the object port. Anyone care to take a look at the scenefile and point me in the right direction? I would appreciate it. Scenefile Cheers, Kim
  10. Does anyone know how to randomize the luminance brightness of a material applied to a cloner so that all of the cloned objects have random levels of brightness? I have been messing around with the Multi Shader, Random Effector, and Xpresso but can't seem to get the Luminance Brightness to randomize. Using the random effector, and changing the mode to Noise, can generate rhythmic random position, scale, and rotation, but I want that control over the luminance brightness.
  11. Fellow Mographers, Just wanted to let you know that Plexus 2 is now available for sale. http://aescripts.com/plexus It has many new features including OpenGL acceleration with HQ Depth of Field on supported graphics cards. Satya.
  12. I've been using c4d for ten years now and have always been frustrated with c4d's lack of kerning. The kernimator is a good first step but quite a hack and messy if you get into texturing or using other effectors, and the kerning effector, also a big step forward, is still limited to flush left only, and the attribute window interface is cumbersome to use, all that guessing which letter is which number, especially once it comes to making changes to the text. So I've been working on an xpresso solution that uses the HUD system as an elegant UI that puts the kerning controls exactly where you need them, between the letters you're kerning, and you can turn it off when it's not needed. It works centered, flush left, flush right, single line and multiple lines. Additionally you can offset letters on the y and z axis, in R12, R13 and the R14 demo. Reviews: “There have been multiple scripts, presets, and plugins to allow Typophiles to control their typography in Cinema, none however, as useful and robust as Kernit.” - LesterBanks.com “I've had this only two days and already used it three times at work. Very useful #C4D type tool with clever UI concept. http://c4dtools.net/kernit/” - Robert Leger on twitter “New #C4D tool: "Kernit" - kerning type has never been that easy and intuitive! #c4dtools http://c4d3d.com/Ro4iJR” - MAXON on twitter Check it out: https://vimeo.com/48473577 http://c4dtools.net/kernit/
  13. In this tutorial I show you how to create the scene from this video teaser vimeo.com/47196112. I will take you through two different methods for achieving the result and explain the benefits and shortcomings of each. In the end you will be able to create believable bubbles in Cinema4D using Thinking Particles and the Mograph module. I hope you enjoy this tutorial! Be sure to follow me on Twitter twitter.com/FootprintVideo for future tutorials and updates! Thinking Particles Tutorial.03: vimeo.com/47606895
  14. Hey guys check out my new reel and webpage. Any feedback would be great!! http://www.pr85.com Thanks, Pat
  15. I'm a newbie since October of last year, getting into the Motion Graphics Industry... I have been doing sound engineering for almost a decade. I plan on doing all the sound for my animations to keep from having to outsource. I am looking for some good sites for sound designers and sound design products.. Sound fx packs and all the samples I would need to get started and what not... Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  16. Here is my first ever tutorial for Cinema 4D! In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simulation of drifting paper, all within Cinema 4D and with very little overhead on your computer or scene! Here are a few of the things you can expect to learn: -Cloth Engine -Simulation Caching -MoGraph Cloner -Dynamic simulation You can find the tutorial here: www.footprint-productions.com/tutorials/73-dynamic-paper-simulation-tutorial or on Vimeo here: vimeo.com/38375808 Enjoy!
  17. Here is my first ever tutorial for Cinema 4D! In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simulation of drifting paper, all within Cinema 4D and with very little overhead on your computer or scene! Here are a few of the things you can expect to learn: -Cloth Engine -Simulation Caching -MoGraph Cloner -Dynamic simulation You can find the tutorial here: www.footprint-productions.com/tutorials/73-dynamic-paper-simulation-tutorial or on Vimeo here: vimeo.com/38375808 Enjoy!
  18. I need some objective criticism: https://vimeo.com/39208447 I would really appreciate comments and critics!
  19. Hey there, I'm relatively new to the site - I believe this is the correct place for this topic, but if not, let me know... I was wondering if you could offer any advice or pointers on where I might be going wrong here - my brain just cannot seem to function at the moment, and this problem is really bugging me - it feels like it should have a simple answer... I've been playing with the idea of a video wall / cube, and have attempted to apply video clips to portions of text. In my previous tests, simply applying a rigid body tag would make the portions fly apart due to the fact they are already so close together as a built portion of text (almost like a shatter, but very chunky and blocky) presenting the video clips as the chunks spin and twirl into the air. However, I'd ideally like more control over this - In my test scene file, this happens on the first frame - I'd like to delay the effect (collision / shatter?) as well as be able to have some sort of degree of force or power with which the chunks would be flung apart from each other. I've attempted to play with Explosion FX, Explosion and Shatter - all seem to produce shattered 'flakes' and not let me force blow apart the chunks I've already created (unless I'm poking around in the wrong places) I've also tried to see if Particle Affectors have any use here - and can't seem to get the desired effect. I've linked to a very small sample clip from an earlier test render - hopefully so you see the idea that I'm trying to describe: http://vimeo.com/34889831 the password is: forcetest (For some reason I'm unable to see an option for attachments on Mograph.net) I'd be very grateful if you'd be able to at least point me in the right direction or offer any ideas that you'd have to help me along, Kind regards,
  20. Hey all! Never posted my reel on this site before, but I believe it's high time for me to put myself out there on here. I'd love to hear any feedback or criticism you have on it. I want to get better at what I do, and I know some of you guys on here are heavy hitters in the industry so definitely let me know what I'm doing right or wrong & what I could get better at! I'd surely appreciate it! Thanks!
  21. Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm banging my head against a wall! I need to create a guitar out of guitar picks. I modeled a pick, and used a cloner in object mode, then set the object as a modeled body of a guitar. I did the same for the neck, head, pick ups and knobs. I am pretty happy with the results. The problem is, each cloner in the scene needs a dynamics tag to keep the picks from going through each other, and some of the cloners have a pretty high clone count since I don't want there to be very many gaps in the guitar. Baking the dynamics is way too time consuming, and the project is so slow it's essentially unworkable. I'm running a fast 8-core MacPro. I've spent a good part of today staring at the spinning beach ball. My question is, does anyone have any ideas for optimizing this process? I will need to create a lot of different shapes in the same way, so I can't really do this by hand. I also want to be able to use dynamics and effectors on the picks. Other than that, I'm open to suggestions! Here is a link to the scene file if that helps: http://tinyurl.com/6qnusdq
  22. Seems like there would be an easy way to assign a gradient to a Shader Effector that is assigned to a cloner set to Object mode and then distribute said clones relative to the gradient such that the dark areas don't allow clones but the light ones do. Setting the Shader Effector to visibility kinda works but it is too hard to control as it always cuts off at 50% gray so you have to use turbulence which causes other problems. Seems like this should be relatively simple but I can't seem to make it happen! All the best, thanks!
  23. Hi, I've got a project I'm working on in the moment in which I have to do adjustments and modifications to a sphere to give the sense of audio moving through it. The sphere is made up of horizontal strips with a bit of thickness. I've done some initial tests using mograph modifiers + sub poly displacement and various settings using random (turbulence and noise setting) effectors and shader effector. Now I've been asked to refresh this idea and actually make the horizontal strips respond to the audio of the piece. Not literally or directly, like the mograph sound effector but like as though you had a guy/or girl holding one end of a blanket creating small and large flicks in sync to the audio and thus causing waves that move away from him through the blanket. So A. It needs to respond to the audio and B. The waves that move horizontally through the horizontal strips as a result would look almost representative of the actual waveform, except a lot smoother. Highly complicated question, I know. Any ideas? I already have one solution using the cloth modifier, effecting the cloth with a scaling cube synced to the audio which flicks the cloth into waves and then rendering it as a depth map and bringing it back into mograph as a shader but am obviously open to simpler solutions! Cheers, Peter
  24. Hey guys. Just finished projection mapping a building and thought I'd share. I wish I would have had more than a week to make it happen, because there would have been so much more I could have done with it. Anyway, check out 4:58. It's my ode to Mograph Balls. So simple, yet so fun on a building. It got good press on CBS nationally, so I'm pretty happy about that. Can't wait to get more opportunities to do this kind of work and actually spend months instead of days.
  25. Hey guys! Been awhile since i've been on the boards, but I have another problem that's stumping me. I've always gotten good answers before, and would love some help. I'm trying to create a field of wheat, with a simple crane camera move. I'm using C4D's Hair engine, hoping to get some good slow wind movement. There's a few issues I'm having... I'm not sure how to create the stalks of wheat. Ideally, it'd all be a hair/feather (possibly both?) material so there would not be too many polygons in the field. Otherwise, I'd just model one stalk and use Mograph to clone it, but then I'd lose the soft wind dynamics you get with the Hair engine... Is there a way to have tall stalks of wheat using Hair, and attach a Feather object on the tip to look like the grain? That'd be great... Just not sure how to do that. Also, does anyone have any idea how to get grass/wheat dynamics to look natural? All my attempts have the stalks all appearing entirely too stiff, or way too loose and flopping all over the place. How do you have that natural, loose yet firm look to the hair so it isn't bouncing around? What parameters to you mess with? I've been messing with the Rest mix/Rest hold values, but can't find anything I like. This is my first foray into Hair, so maybe I'm just not sure what to look for... Any words of advice would be amazing. I'm sure this isn't that uncommon of a request, but I cant find that much online on it... Again, any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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