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Found 31 results

  1. I wrote an article about the motion graphics used in this documentary, If you know more tutorials about some techniques present on it, please let me know! http://blog.abelreverter.com/2012/03/how-to-create-motion-graphics-from-kony.html I would appreciate every critique and comment!
  2. Hey mograph, I've started doing some tutorials on various motion-graphics topics to help out our interns and junior animators / designers at Toil. I had so much fun doing it I decided to make a whole site out of it so I can share the love. I've got a few tutorials up so far, but have a large list of things I plan on covering. I want to do some really advanced stuff, plenty of beginner stuff, and also do some really comprehensive 6-8 part videos that run through a project from start to finish. I'm loving the teaching thing, and I would definitely love to hear feedback and suggestions if you guys have any. This community rocks, and I'm thrilled to finally give a little back. Check it out. Thanks! School of Motion joey
  3. Hey guys, just put up a new tutorial for fans of expressions. We go pretty deep, building a rig that has a lot of automatic features and makes it easy to create carousels for logos, images, etc... I also posted the rig on the site to download for free. I hope you all find this helpful! http://www.schoolofmotion.com/carousel-rig-in-after-effects-with-expressions/ Joey
  4. Hi everybody! I am asked to purchase some software tools for a workstation we're setting up for motion graphics. It's for a small TV company who is looking to produce some motion graphics in house. They are allowing me to buy Cinema 4D along with some other software so right now I'm compiling a list together. I have 2 questions: Question 1: I don't see the sense in paying for the full Cinema 4D Studio suite since we're not going to be doing advanced 3D with this software. I'll be using Cinema 4D primarily for motion graphics work and in-house designed channel air-packs, so am I right to be asking to buy "Cinema 4D Broadcast"? Is that the right version to get or is there a feature that I may regret not having that's on another version? Question 2: I need to learn Cinema 4D fast. I am working with some graphics people to design an air-pack for a new channel and of course, I don't expect that I'll be a pro overnight, but I do need to dive and learn the commonly used mograph relevant functionality of this software. I have a Lynda.com account already and it looks like they have some good stuff there? Would you say it's a good resource to get quick training on cinema 4D or is there something else out there that you can recommend? Thank you for your time and help! :-) Patricio
  5. Hi everyone, It has been far too long since I've posted anything on Mograph.net - perhaps I've been using Twitter too much! Anyway, I'll get to the point; I'd like to share the tutorials I've created for Cinema 4D and After Effects: Subscribe to the tutorials channel - vimeo.com/​channels/​imcalledandytuts I'm going to be adding tutorials: a) When I find something interesting and useful to share When I have enough time to create a polished tutorial Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions please get in touch! Cheers, Andy @imcalledandy
  6. Hey guys! I am pretty excited to announce the relaunch of my site, Biscuits and Davey. It's been a long time coming but after a few months of redevelopment and such I have finally put it together and will be dropping C4D tutorials all week long to get things rolling. Hope you can take something from my helpful tips and look forward to seeing this move forward. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up to date on all the posts that are coming this week and beyond!
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