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Found 1 result

  1. I'm interested in building a new hackintosh for myself and cant decide between two Intel Xeon E5-2620s (12 cores) or one Intel i7-3930k (6 Cores). The obvious answer is 12-cores, but judging by the benchmarks it looks like the 3930k is the better deal: 12-Core E5-2620 Benchmark: http://www.cpubenchm...0+2.00GHz#price (Score: 17499) Price: $816.00 ($408.00 each) 6-Core i7-3930k Benchmark: http://www.cpubenchm...0+3.20GHz#price (Score: 13579) Price: $589.99 The score/price ratio is self-explanatory, so my question really is this: Do 3D/video editing software packages utilize more cores regardless of processing speed? Or are these benchmarks an accurate representation of how fast these processors will be in FCP, After Effects, and Cinema 4D... Cinema 4D has more yellow 'render boxes' in the picture viewer for each core/thread you have but you could easily have a lot more 'boxes' on a 12-core that render out more slowly than a really fast 6-core, correct? There are plenty of other 12-core builds with lower benchmark scores than the 3930k, but does benchmark score alone dictate how well C4D renders out of the picture viewer? Same goes for After Effect's memory & multiprocessing; does it help to have 12 cores to divide out 2gb of RAM to each core with 24gb of RAM, or would it work just as well with six cores receiving 4gb of RAM each? (leaving some for background CPU of course). Just a side note, I've been all over dozens of forums and tonymac's site etc. etc. and explored so many possibilities that I dont want to get too off track in this thread discussing stuff other than processors please! Hackintosh's are pretty complicated and we could go on forever discussing the different possibilities, but I'd rather do that elsewhere! Let's keep it mograph related P.S. - (It's also not just the cost of the processors to consider, but also the cost of a server motherboard and extra cooling).
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