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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys, I am trying to create a scrolling text effect. I have a long list of names. I want to move a rectangle through the list of names, cause the names to scale up 10% and change color. I want to keep the leading even as it does this or proportional. It seems like something basic and that you see everyday on the web. A mouse rolls over some type and it grows. I want to rig everything up with an expression slider or something. Basically having a few keyframes do all the work. So I used the text animator wing menu tools and selection range for line of text, created another text animator to change the color. I am trying to pass the position of the range selector to a null so I can link the rectangle to the selections. I am wondering if there is a why to use a null to control the line selection range(index instead of %)? Then I could parent the rectangle to the null and both the rectangle and text are all controlled by the null keyframes. What math / expression would I use to do something like this? Any tips in the right direction would be awesome!
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