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Found 4 results

  1. I have a three point light setup around the poker chip with the letters, and global illumination to keep the card suits better lit while their being pushed through z space. is global illumination counteracting with my light rig? Its more of a blocky kind of chatter, than what you would see with an ambient occlusion issue, (which i don't have on).
  2. Hey guys. A recent project I just finished for an LED lighting company, which involved modelling and lighting this bulb. http://www.peedy.tv/led/ or https://vimeo.com/41994952 It was a delight to work on. I spent days trying to balance lighting, luminosity and global illumination settings, and troubleshooting Ambient Occlusion passes over the net render, but when it all worked out, it was really nice to see the virtual LED lightbulb really lighting the scene as it does in real life. I had some difficulty with GI and Ambient Occlusion when used with material transparency. Very flickery, and way worse with the net render. Anyone else have issues like that? Anyway, hope you guys like it...
  3. I am looking for videos that show that white Global Illumination look (usually at the beginning of a project for lighting tests). There are some good examples out there, some that fade from the white to full color, I just can't seem to find them! This is a similar example (though this doesn't fade to color): http://www.zhestkov.com/ (Gorgeous work!!) This is for a architecture/engineering project, doesn't need to be quite this cinematic. Thanks!
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