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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, Is there a good reason why Physical occludes hair? We're rendering a massive job across 4 computers, and we're at the end of the gig and will probably need to farm it out. One 300-frame render is going to take 72 hours after the big switch to Physical (Frischluft wasn't up to snuff IMO). We have a cylinder spline wrapped around a dynamic spline, oh it floats in the wind so niiiiice....then to make the string extra twine-like we have Fur to do the stray strands and hairs coming off the geometry. So far, so stringy. With the need for accurate lens blur, and our depth matte > Frischluft pipeline made obsolete by the fact that neither of us can make FL Depth of Field do anything like a decent camera blur, we switched over to Physical for the lovely in-camera z-blur. Oh, how the render times soared! Last night's render queue is likely to be Tuesday morning's review. Big fun. Much as turning off the Hair Render checkbox has saved a lot of pre-caching time, it's a shame to see those string whiskers go. I was proud of them. If you add the standard Hair Material to say, a plain cube, and apple+R, you'll see a hairy cube. If you switch on Physical, you'll have one hair per vertex. Why this occlusion? I know that the hair is an 8-bit post process, but yet it doesn't make too much sense to allow the option. Are there other Hair options I am missing? The moment you turn on Physical, the Hair Render section is missing most of its options. Thank you lovely peeps. Back to work. It's 30 degrees outside. I could be lying in the long grass with a Pimm's, but no, somebody insisted we use Physical...
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