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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I am a freelancer new to NYC. I have a question: Is most freelance work here done onsite or from home? I am sensing a trend towards onsite. Why is that? I would appreciate any response. Thanks.
  2. Hope you guys are doing well and got through this relatively unscathed.
  3. Currently I am staff at a company that has merged a number of times and has seen better days over the past few years. I am contemplating the idea of going freelance in order to hone my craft and ultimately have the chance to do better work within the realm of Motion Graphics / 3D. I have my own reservations about this though as I have been working with the same team for quite a while now. The only reason I can justify staying where I am at is that it is a steady job with good pay and the office relationships. Some questions for any New York City based freelancers: 1) Have any of you started staff somewhere and made the transition to a successful freelancer, and if so how did it shakeout with your employer at the time? 2) How did you market yourself in order to get booked on jobs at different shops? 3) What applications did you specialize in at the time, and did you change any of your skill sets once you made that jump to being a freelancer? As of right now I use AfterEffects and Cinema4D most days. Though I have been teaching myself XSI and have been using it on some home projects as well as some basic Nuke. In the long run I want to get more into commercials either on the 3d or Compositing side of things. Have a look at my site / reel: www.semifiction.tv Any input helps. Thanks!
  4. The 2012 Happy Machine mini website is up and running. It features the new Reel. Check it out: http://happy-machine.com/ Thanks for watching! Tony
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