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Found 6 results

  1. Hi folks, I've started a particular project to do some light streaks but was wondering whether anyone has had better results with xparticles. I have a shot where lights are spinning around a 3d element so it would be advantageous to stay within C4D. I set up a spinning sprite and made an align to spline tag for an emitter as I would in particular but haven't nailed the quality of render that I can get from particular. Any body have experience with the best sort of material/trail object settings it would be appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I am trying to create light streaks like this sample... I've animated a streak already using 3D stroke but I haven't been able to get that look like it's a comet and there's a light flare on it. Any suggestions to get this done the quickest way would be great. Thank you! http://videohive.net/item/streak-light-effects/164947?ref=Karimspunjani&ref=Karimspunjani&clickthrough_id=59659970&redirect_back=true
  3. Hey guys! First of all, this is my first post! So hello to everyone My name is Raynor de Groot, I'm a dutch graphic designer and filmmaker. I'm working on a motion graphic at the moment and I'm kinda stuck. Here's the problem: The problem is illustrated with some images that state the problem more clear than I could do in words. In short: I want to build up different images (using the same animation) from particles which are emitted from the center and are perfectly aligning. Particles need to be the same size. The problem is, I don't know how to animate the underlying animation. One thing to note is that the particles need to have different intensities of the colors stated above (red/blue/green/yellow/brown) I hope you guys can help me out! Thanks, Bismarck
  4. Thank you very much for watching! Greetings from Frankfurt,
  5. I have made a few layers of solids with trapcode particular applied. These layers were precomped so I can reuse it in many comps and I only have to change settings in the precomp to affect all the comps this precomp is in. However it seems that even though I collapse the precomp, it's a flat layer and particular in the precomp doesn't work with the camera in the main comps. I feel I must be doing something wrong, or does particular only use cameras that are in the same comp as the effect? -Spunj
  6. Opening title sequence for ITV1's coverage of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. http://vimeo.com/28811172 A mixture of archive VT, rotoscoping and rotomation were used in conjunction with Fume FX, C4D Jawset and AFX Particular along with stock ink footage to create the flowing inks which are both a reference to the flowing plays and set pieces in the game of rugby and the inks used in traditional Maori tattoos. The landscapes are also a reference to the Maori word Aotearoa, translated as 'the long white cloud', Aotearoa is commonly given as the Maori name for New Zealand. This was the first time that we at Jump used Fume FX simulations rendered with Krakatoa. Provided by Play Nicely based in Bristol, UK we composited and graded their particle renders around our original camera move. I look forward to any feedback or comments you may have. Lee
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