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Found 2 results

  1. Hello gents and gentesses, I'm in pretty dire need of a license of NET render for our 4-year old C4D R11 install. If anyone can help me out (read: sell me their old copy) I'd be delighted! Send me a PM or a tweet and I'll be eternally grateful. Cheers Dan
  2. Hey Guys, I have been trying to do this animation using mograph for a few days. I have a waveform that is a cloner grid (1000x1000) with 50 cubes in it. I am using the shader effector to create a waveform like effect. I want to have another cube/plane design scan the waveform and find several notes then the rest of the wave form dies down and the notes move into a 2d (along z) like position. I tired selecting several note by hand with the plain effector and moving them out, but that only worked on a grid with a few cubes. The array is denser now to show the waveform more. I also tried a custom movie made in AE to drive the shader effector, it works OK. It will be tricky to get the cubes and scan part to line up. I was wondering if I could use the motion system in c4d to blend the events together? or is there a way to use mograph selection based on a texture map? thanks
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