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Found 2 results

  1. In this tutorial we'll learn how to render out motion vector files in C4D. Then we'll bring them into After Effects and use the RSMB plugin for motion blur. There's a right way and wrong way to do this. If you're getting unwanted RSMB artifacts, this tutorial is for you.
  2. Sounds like a spam post, but no. Just saw this video from James Whiffin yesterday. You set up your AE render queue with "Multi-machine settings" for both output module and render settings (default is PSD sequence btw) and then set off as many BG Renderer instances as you have processor threads. It is scary fast. Amazing. Obvs you need to stitch the image sequence and add your sound bed, but that's what Quicktime Pro is for, right? The added bonus is that if you use RSMB a lot and have to re-render crossed frames (you know, the orange cross that Reelsmart says means you're a pirate even if you bought the f'kin plugin an hour ago) each instance calls up the single frame it needs, skipping the ones that the other BG Renderer instances are working on - meaning no more crossed-out frames! Edit: Got a bit excited there. No, RSMB is truly on a mission to ruin my life. Happy rendering boyos (yes, I know about 20% of you are all too aware of this, just thought I'd spell it out). http://ae.tutsplus.com/tutorials/workflow/significantly-speed-up-your-renders-from-after-effects/
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