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Found 1 result

  1. I posted a while ago asking about freelancing abroad. I'm leaning heavily towards Singapore but it's hard to find any info on the mograph scene. Most of the advice I've received has been to apply to the big companies while still in the USA and wait until I get a job lined up so I can get a work visa. I know Singapore has a growing VFX scene, and they did recruit pretty heavily at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. From what I've heard from locals there are a lot of new graduates graduating from programs within Singapore, but that's no different than competing in LA or NYC so I feel that my experience will offset the higher wage. On mographwiki you can find around 5 smaller studios and a few pop up when googling, but it does look like working at a VFX shop or a large corporation is the most likely way to get a mograph job in Singapore. Since freelancing seems impractical visa-wise, I'm thinking the best way might be to start a company here in the states, or even over there. I have remote clients that I could theoretically work with just the same while getting settled into a new city, and that wouldn't leave me locked to a certain company to stay in the country. If any of you have experience working in Singapore or even have any idea what the wages are like over there I'd greatly appreciate any tips!
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