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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I am kinda new here but I thought it was worth sharing. I have created an After Effects script and I would like to have your feedback about it. The script is called Hyle, you can get more informations here: http://hyle.io. It allows you to generate content from a simple and understandable text syntax and aims at giving you a way to interact with After Effects from a data-first perspective. This can be useful in many ways since it gives you the opportunity of bypassing the interface to avoid repetitive tasks. I'd really like to know what you guys think about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyfU0DFtMuY See it on aescripts: http://aescripts.com/hyle/
  2. Anyone know if its possible to edit a .c4d file in a text editor of sorts, kind of how you can pry open a maya file and modify things like file paths and what not? I've got a bunch of xrefs that need updating but I'd like to do it manually, because there's been some weirdness with updating the xrefs. At some point in updating the xrefs, they all go red and i can't edit/update them anymore. No clue why this happens. Maybe its because the files are being linked to a network, I don't know. But if I can edit the xref file paths outside of c4d, maybe I can bypass this weirdness.
  3. So this started happening randomly earlier last week... I was working on a project (CS5) and suddenly while tweaking the color value of a hue/sat effect, I got this error, 58::0 stating I had performed an unsafe process. Wtf? Where'd this come from? Since then, this error will pop up randomly. Anyone else ever experience this? Seems to be only with the hue/sat effect... Restarting, etc. doesn't seem to cure it. Advice?
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