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Found 3 results

  1. Learn how to use the displacer deformer to see your displacement live in the viewport and learn what cool stuff you can do with noise. This is part one of our displacement and noise series. Part II on Deformers will cover adding audio to the mix. Part II on noise will cover the Shader Effector using noise.
  2. Hi Everybody ! Here's a link to an effect i've been trying to reproduice : None of attemps seemed to be working fine, i really hope you guys could enlighten me here's what i tried : I used a helix spline and a spline wrap deformer to deform my "sheet of paper/ card" along the spline. At the beginning i want the paper to be still, then to animated along the spline. I can't manage to get the paper card to animate properly, i'll always have weird angles or the paper card to disappear. here's my c4d r14 file http://we.tl/JOIo3Mecso I know this might not be the most clear explanation, pardon my english. Would you be aware of a better way to achieve this or a tutorial explaining that kind of animation ? Thank you in advance, wish you all a great day !
  3. I wanted to ask if there was another way to bend the object other than bend deformer. I am having a problem where i want a rectangle that is curled up to uncurl in segments rather than a whole. Does anyone have any advice? Like if a rolled up piece of paper starts to uncurl soon as it gets out the tube.
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