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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I have to create ~60 minutes of live visuals for a friend's live show (electronic music). I work with AE and C4D, but I've also heard about TouchDesigner, which could be more appropriate for audio reactive stuff.Have any of you ever done live visuals? What is usually your process? Loops in AE and then playing them live? I tend to work in narrative based projects, so I'm kind of overwhelmed with the amount of content I need to produce, while maintaining a general quality and identity.I started to explore TouchDesigner, but it is going to take me a long time to get proficient in that. I'm ready to do it, but wanted to get your feedback if it is really worth it in terms of quality of results and control. What about other tools that can help in generating fast iterative results, or audio reactive visuals (even if the learning curve is big)?I'm probably just getting lost in the tools part and should focus on what I want to create, but maybe some of you went through the same and can help me out!
  2. Hello Mograph, Just finished a new Music Video project for Crøm-lus. The visuals of the video are generated algorithmically. Inspired by nature and the behavior of slime mold, a set of artificial agents react to the performance of the singer in an attempt to reconstruct the image and motion of the live action footage. Taking the lead from the lyrics, patterns emerge, evolve and shift between ambiguous shapes to the recognizable form of the two faces, an elegant interplay between synthesis, metamorphosis and decomposition of organic patterns and the human figure.
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