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Found 2 results

  1. I feel like an old man asking this but what do people do these days to backup their files? Yes theres cloud and multiple hard drives, but I'm thinking that a RAID setup would be my best bet. Redundant backup and no service fee. I'll have my projects that I'll access consistently, and most of my active client related material lives on my Dropbox Pro account. BUT theres that time when projects are done. Where should they go? I'm looking at Drobo's 5D and 5N. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Thoughts? Thanks.
  2. I'm wondering if any of you guys have a preferred external drive for on-the-go use. Actual use, not just back up. In looking for the fastest externals I've pretty much found that USB 3.0 with an SSD is pretty legit. Thunderbolt seems to only have a slight edge (and not many options). I specifically want bus-powered so as to only have to plug in the macbook pro. Here are my top two choices: OWC Envoy Pro EX 240GB Portable, Bus-Powered USB 3.0 Storage Solution with OWC Aura Pro SSD http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/ENVPROU3S240/ Averages about 416mb/s READ 430mb/s WRITE $320 for 240GB Akitio - Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition - 256GB - bus powered. http://www.akitio.com/portable-storage/neutrino-thunderboltedition Averages about 502mb/s READ 311mb/s WRITE $340 for 256GB Have you found any others that compare? Which would you choose?
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