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Found 1 result

  1. Firstly thank you for just clicking, Secondly my problem. Basically this is the idea, A4 paper spread out individually on floor spelling out a word, "ONE" then a gust of wind ( mograph effectors / Pwind / wind / Plain effector / Inheritance effector ) lifts the paper up into the air and then shuffles the pages in a turbulent manner. Then as the paper randomly falls back to the floor to it's originally position spelling a new word, "TWO". I have got to a stage where i have the papers lifting up nice but the fall to the ground is the tricky part. You see a freeze or friction node in thinking particles stops the particle motion , which i don't want, want the papers to rise to a curtain high but keep motion. SO i thought clone matrices onto the particles and add a random effector with turbulent noise to simulate a wind like move, but its not really giving the correct motion of them mixing around. I want the papers to spin and mix around like it's in a vortex or wind tunnel horizontally, then drop to floor. I have tried an inheritance effector to push the maxtrix node to final resting point , but the matrix point go to opposite indexes which makes it look shite. Help Please see my scene file: lalala- dropbox.com/s/qdvtysifxvb721u/paper%20work_4dcafe%20scene%20example%202.c4d lalala- dropbox.com/s/ypdejsuyi793hxi/paper%20work_4dcafe%20scene%20example.c4d
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