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Found 2 results

  1. Use noise and gradients to drive the Shader Effector. Then add audio and Expresso techniques learned in Tutorial 054 to drive the individual cloner objects.
  2. hi, ok ... i wanted to know that for a while ... let's look at a simplified version of my problem. i got a plane. that plane is deformed by some random deformers in point mode and some others, like wind and formula. so, i got some deforming animation going on. now i want the polys to blink up randomly. similar to a 70s disco floor. to do this i added a shatter deformer to break apart the polys. throw that in a fracture object and add a shader effector with a noise and you are good to go. (i prepared a test file, link is below / on the left is the undeformed plane / on the right is the plane with deformers active) next step is to add a material to the fracture object. i used a colorizer effect on a mograph color shader. boom, we got color on the plane! now the problem starts though. the noise that is used in the shader effector is static, got no animation at all. the deformed plane got animation and when its moving it changes color. i don't want that to happen!!!!! as far as i understand it, this is what is happening: the polys are moving through the noises space and therefore change its grayvalue. i tried changing the "space" settings of the noise shader to UV (and tried all other settings as well) but that didn't work. it gets better but it doesnt solve the problem. in my final animation the mesh is moving quite fast but the blinking should maintain very slow. thats what i don't get working my idea to solve this was to bake a b/w texture sequence without any deformation. so i would have a "blink map". then apply this animated texture to the deformed plane and use the colorizer effect. now the blinking and can be slow and the movement of the deformers can move fast. i couldn't get the baking to work properly. i guess thats not working on a fracture object http://weew.ee/u6JDv - test scene file any help on this? thx PS: i didn't get how to attach a scene file directly in the forum. is there a way to have that post preserved for future mographers? i hate it when you find a post with links that are long gone.
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