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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Please can anyone share a paper scene or shader with a similar setup to the below link: http://strictlypaper.com/blog/?s=yum I have tried searching for the tutorial which this appeared in ( digital arts issue 09 ) does anyone have a copy or know where I can locate it? Hope someone can help thanks Ben
  2. Firstly thank you for just clicking, Secondly my problem. Basically this is the idea, A4 paper spread out individually on floor spelling out a word, "ONE" then a gust of wind ( mograph effectors / Pwind / wind / Plain effector / Inheritance effector ) lifts the paper up into the air and then shuffles the pages in a turbulent manner. Then as the paper randomly falls back to the floor to it's originally position spelling a new word, "TWO". I have got to a stage where i have the papers lifting up nice but the fall to the ground is the tricky part. You see a freeze or friction node in thinking particles stops the particle motion , which i don't want, want the papers to rise to a curtain high but keep motion. SO i thought clone matrices onto the particles and add a random effector with turbulent noise to simulate a wind like move, but its not really giving the correct motion of them mixing around. I want the papers to spin and mix around like it's in a vortex or wind tunnel horizontally, then drop to floor. I have tried an inheritance effector to push the maxtrix node to final resting point , but the matrix point go to opposite indexes which makes it look shite. Help Please see my scene file: lalala- dropbox.com/s/qdvtysifxvb721u/paper%20work_4dcafe%20scene%20example%202.c4d lalala- dropbox.com/s/ypdejsuyi793hxi/paper%20work_4dcafe%20scene%20example.c4d
  3. Hi Everybody ! Here's a link to an effect i've been trying to reproduice : None of attemps seemed to be working fine, i really hope you guys could enlighten me here's what i tried : I used a helix spline and a spline wrap deformer to deform my "sheet of paper/ card" along the spline. At the beginning i want the paper to be still, then to animated along the spline. I can't manage to get the paper card to animate properly, i'll always have weird angles or the paper card to disappear. here's my c4d r14 file http://we.tl/JOIo3Mecso I know this might not be the most clear explanation, pardon my english. Would you be aware of a better way to achieve this or a tutorial explaining that kind of animation ? Thank you in advance, wish you all a great day !
  4. So i'm sick on a 3-day weekend. I thought i'd try to learn something new while I'm sitting in bed doing nothing. I've got a paper chain of people and i'm trying to figure out cloth dynamics to unfold them and let them dangle. I'm having issues though with the dynamics. The heads of the people are flopping over. Could anyone suggest any ideas as to how I could fix this? Maybe there's weight painting I need to do or something similar? I've taken advice elsewhere and upped the iterations as well as maxed out stiffness and flexion, but no joy. I don't know a lot about cloth aside from making a simple flag waving or a pillow, so if there are other techniques that could help with this I'm all ears. i've included the project file I'm working on for reference. Thanks for any help! http://www.deltawavefx.com/uploads/PaperPeopleChain_011913.c4d.zip
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K401thqIL28 This is a music video I made for the song "Bodies" by the Saskatchewan band Slow Down Molasses. I hope you all enjoy it, and please feel free to let me know of anything you feel could be improved. I'll be releasing it in Stereoscopic 3D next week and would like to remedy anything that needs remedying with enough time to render it out. Thank you for your time and Suggestions Best Andrei
  6. So here's a Music video I made. I incorporated a few different techniques while making it, I think they blend together quite well. I'd be interested in hearing any opinions, or ways you think it could be improved upon so I can apply it to future projects. Even if you really like it any way you think it could be better is welcome and encouraged. I just want to get better. Anyway here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJrXTX4urt0 Hope you enjoy. It took about 300 hours to do and I took about 3000 photos...about 2000 of which actually made it to the final video. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
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