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Found 1 result

  1. I did a short thing about my feelings towards social media, the good & bad. It's a pretty personal piece, happened to land at the same time as the CA/Facebook scandal, which was pure luck but it was exactly this sort of thing I was thinking about while cooking up the ideas. It's the least 'distracted' piece I've made I think - ie I didn't get bogged down in irrelevant details or flashy effects like I normally do, but tried to stay focussed on getting it finished without losing the thread too much. So there's zero flashy camera work, quite a few of the meshes are from stock except the detailed machines, and there's very little post - it's mostly straight renders with some colour correction. And from a production point of view it's pretty straightforward, a bit of rigging and one simple Houdini setup, which is a version of Simon Fiedler's setup from a while back. From a mograph piece it's actually pretty boring, even to me ;-) but hopefully the audience reaction is more about the ideas behind it than the surface stuff. It's been funny to see the reception, which has been pretty positive, and the ironic likes/shares - and observe the exact effect on me that the whole thing is about. Dopamine kicks from the comments and peer reviews even when I try to stay detached - it's hard to stay immune which is what makes the whole social media 'experiment' so hazardous. There's more detail here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/63696503/Side-Effects Fire up any questions about anything, or any suggestions about what I did wrong ;-)
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