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Found 1 result

  1. So I've got a project that is using a lot of TP, I've never used them this extensively before so I'm learning as I go. Basically I need to get the same kind of turbulence that you can get in Particular or when using the Random Effector in Mograph. In TP it seems that the only way to generate Turbulence is to use the Wind node, which while it does makes things turbulent has a tendency to spread particles out rather than keeping them more or less together (even with wind shut off entirely). The other half to this issue is that I need to wrangle the particles along a path while their position is affected by turbulence. Further when I use the Follow Spline preset it basically shuts out the wind effects entirely. In a perfect world I would make a cylinder without caps that the particles flow through. The cylinder is bent into the shape I need and its points are undulating from a Random Effector's noise. The particles that flow through it follow the shape of the cylinder and roil and undulate along with it. Doesn't have to be executed this way at all but that's the basic idea. Thanks for any thoughts!
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