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c4d Alpha to poly question.

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Okey Dokey.


I am producing a video interview with a talented animator, Dave Schlafman (schlafman.com). In the video interview I would like to some of his characters composited in the background/foreground etc. I have done mostly 2d tracking with AE but ran a couple of 3d solves on the shots that needed it and have some 3d data. I would like to have his 2-d characters have 3d extrusion - His style is the "wiggle rama" type thing that was kind of in Dr. Katz a while back (If anyone can remember that far back in this industry) so, the alpha channel of these character is changing every frame. Can I bring these characters into c4d as a texture and get a extrudNurbs to read the alpha data when creating the object, so that the object's geometry wiggles with the .mov? (I realize that the .mov would be an image sequence in a material) I realize I could do the whole thing in AE with something like this http://digitalanarchy.com/3Dlayer/3Dlayer_main.html, but I would prefer c4d's AO options, lighting and rendering, etc etc.... I am not a c4d wiz by any means but am trying to get a little stronger in the c4d to AE compositing pipeline...


Does this make sense?



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If C4D can generate 2D geometry from image textures I'd love to hear about it, but as far as I know it cannot do so directly. The simplest method for your situation, it seems to me, would be to use the animated alpha texture to drive a displacement map, or use a relief object with the texture as the height map. Some pre-blurring would probably be necessary.


See, for instance: http://www.creativemac.com/2004/02_feb/tut...lace0402244.htm




EDIT: if you start with a displaced plane, you can then also re-apply the alpha texture to the displaced plane so that the "unextruded" regions vanish. It may look better if you use a slightly expanded (negatively choked) version of the alphas for the mask.


Also, as an alternative, the mograph module has some gemoetry masking options which could be relevant here but I'm not sure...

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