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lumen eclipse + mograph

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It's January and Lumen Eclipse has a new show to view online at LumenEclipse.com as well as on the public displays in the heart of Harvard Square.


I must give my thanks to Mograph here -- you'll notice the January exhibition includes Sopie Gateau's Boa, a music video that I came across on these very boards (same deal for December's inclusion of Daniel Oeffinger's Los Angeles, I'm Yours video. Oh mograph: influencing people and public media arts projects everywhere.



The January show also includes work from Eduardo Recife, Adriana de Barros, Rob Chiu | The Ronin, Rearden designer Kelly Tunstall, Kangaroo Alliance, and others. Please be sure to take a look, and please note that Lumen Eclipse is always accepting submissions of artistic constructions of animation, video, film, & motion graphics.


Again, thanks for reading,





Thanks for the heads up Heather!

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