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Motion Graphics in ITALY??

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Does anyone know of some cool motion graphics companies in Italy. I'm looking to move from LA to Milan or Rome. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



theres been topics on this before. but i moved to italy to work, and its not good. theres not really any shops and the few that are there will not pay you for extended periods of time, to sometimes not at all. expect to live very very poorly as a designer. i hate to say it but italy still has the mindset of giving their family and friends work before anyone qualified, and i think this is why the industry and design in general fails these days.

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thanks for the replies - the dream continues!



thank you so much, these are some great resources.


also, what are the chances of a guy getting work without being fluent in italian.


i have studied italian for 4 years, but i am not quick and fluent.

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Hi, I write from Italy.

Somethings writed by Rothermel are true and others not.

Go here



or watch this recrutiment link


If I can help u with traslation, ask.

PS Sorry for my bad english.



well they are both true, because they both happened to me and several other foreigners and talented italians... so tell me what im lieing about walter.

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I'm Italian and I work in Amsterdam as freelance. I love my country but it's really hard to find your way there unless you're a Big Fish in a Big company. You can be creative and try to innovate but then your work is not payed how it deserves. People don't dare, don't invest in art. Everything works beacause a friend let you do something. Not to mention that as a freelance the fiscal pressure is unbearable while in bigger companies retributions are always very low at the beginning (if they don't hire you on a "trial" period). You're going to curse and struggle, I guarantee you. I hate to say it but a lot of talented people I know here moved from italy and they don't want to go back unless something changes. But it's getting worse and worse each day.


Of course there are also exceptions but the picture is pretty much as I described it.


But if you're american maybe they'll look at you with a different eye, and the life experience is definetly worth it. SO my advice is: YES short periods; NO long ones.


Don't worry for the language, you'll become quickly fluent. it will be more difficult for you to communicate in english than in other countries, so this pressure will help you learning faster. Also consider that Milan and Rome differ a lot. Milan offers more chances but Rome is more "Italian-style'' as you probably think of it.


Hope I didn't scare you... Good luck!



check also



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Hi there,


I'm in Milano, Italy: www.fullscream.com


The scene is not greatest for motion designers here, but when you grow up you learn that you can find the scene on internet and you can leave the streets and places to hipsters.


The center of MTV International creative (WDS) is in Milano. It has moved from London 3 years ago, and that's where all the rebrand for MTV Intl is made, as well as show packages, EMAs ecc. That's where I've been working before going to LA and back. WDS is working with studios like Universal Everything, Sehsucht, Parasol Island, DVEIN, Mathematic ecc.


There's also Mutado, great animation studio: http://www.mutado.com/#/home/


In Milano is also http://www.ditroit.it/ - the guys are doing pretty nice job there.


Another good italian mograph crew is in Rome, it's called AdeAde: http://www.adeadeade...2011/index.html


There are probably other freelancers and I'm sorry if I forgot to mention someone.


The most annoying thing about Italy is that motion design industry is not yet established, so the people/agencies will often call you and ask for post-production job, thinking that all you're doing is 3d.

Having said that, it's an interesting place to be, cause there is no motion powerhouse on the market, and it's all pretty open.

On the other side, there's no so much job for the freelancers, because there are not enough freelancers to organize a studio like Superfad, or Psyop. All the studios I mentioned are small boutiques made of 2 to 5 interns.


If you are coming to Milano, give me a call... I'm always happy to drink a glass of vine with colleagues :)






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Hey Ced,

first off all thanks for your wide response! I appreciate it!

Before i moved to Italy i researched a bit and all what i could find

exactly accord with your conclusion!

So know iam sitting here in Udine and i can tell you its damn borring at all.

Because of the fact, that i can not find something here in this area

iam also up for coming to milan during the week or for a project if i can work there!!

So maybe i have to come to milan to drink a glas of wine and talk about whats possible in Italy.


if you like to check out my website :www.dominikwieschermann.com

there is not much on it yet but i think you can get an idea what iam about!





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