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Amazing image resize

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I agree with TechCrunch: this needs to be in Photoshop NOW!



BTW today TC reported that Adobe hired the dude.




My jaw has not dropped that far in years. I was at SIGGRAPH, but did not see this. Anyone know when / where it was?

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AVAILABLE NOW! Online app and plugins! :D :H :D


Courtesy of Photojojo....







See also…

Picutel Smart Resize

$95 Seam Carving Photoshop plugin (PC-only)



Liquid Resize for GIMP

Free Seam Carving plugin for GIMP



Actionscript sourcecode and examples

For you Flash cowboys and cowgirls who want to build this yourself.



Seam Carving academic paper (PDF)

Dr. Ariel Shamir and Dr. Shai Avidan describe their technique in detail. (Fun fact, Dr. Avidan was hired by Adobe shortly after this hit the web… look for seam carving to pop up in a future version of Photoshop!)


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