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mason dixon

Motion Graphics Festival 2008 Intro Video

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Motion Graphics Festival 2008 Intro Video


Festival Website:



Intro Video Case Study with Production Photos:





Lift Motion Design and Creative Chaos created this astounding intro video for the Moton Graphics Festival 2008. The production process heavily integrated the motion with the sound design by The Great Mundane.


The inspiration came from the integration of several creative practices at this year's festival, which focuses on motion design, sound design and motion programming.


Production, costuming, and makeup were done at Foundation Post and the piece was edited by Matthew Glover.


Adobe After Effects was used for almost all the animating and compositing. The final edit was done in Final Cut Pro and the audio composition was created in Ableton Live.


The final piece will play before a live audience at each of the 4 motion graphics screenings at the festival: Stash's Commercial Art screening, Lumen Eclipse's Video Art screening, the Art in Motion screening, and the Conscious Motion screening.


"It was wonderful to have the opportunity to collaborate with other motivated and talented artists. I really do not think this project would have been possible with out each individuals passion and dedication to do what they love. And that love is responsible for the drive to follow through on the never ending quest for perfection to create a positive final product." from Jeffrey Acciaioli (The Great Mundane, Composer/Sound Designer)

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