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Zorro Bug Survey

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Today I was notified of a significant bug in Zorro that occurs when you share a project cross platform. It has to do with the fact that windows does not natively support the bullet that I use to identify tags. It only occurs if the proj was created on mac then opened on windows, basically the bullet is substituted by a weird character when it's opened in windows. The solution is simple, but I need your opinion. I originally chose the bullet because i figured it was not a commonly used character, but now i need to change it to a more cross-platform friendly character. The most obvious is an asterisk * but I think that some people might use that for other reasons, so I am thinking of the ^ character but I am open to any of your suggestions.


Thanks in advance,




Edit: If you would like to suggest another character please reply, two characters i forgot to add in the survey are the underscore _ and the colon : which could be more elegant.

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