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Andrea Senise

newbie question ---> tracer + normals in C4D?

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I've always woked in Maya and now I'm trying to learn some C4D, focused on mograph. The thing is I've been having some issues which I think re because of the normals, but I'm not sure..... I'm moving an object, and using the tracer and then the sweep nurbs....






Here's a picture to show a difference in the shaded object. actually, it seems to be 2 different objects when its only 1! Does anyone know what does this happen and how can I fix it?





Thanks in advance!

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest you to play with Phong Tag settings and see if that changes anything. It's the one right next to Sweep NURBS (2 brown spheres).


hummmmm... about changing the angle?


yes, I've tried.... nothing happened!!! O_o


thanks, though ^^




Ahhhh!!! And it's not a sperm! O_o it's just a growing path in the point of the animation where the difference between the cap and the rest of the tube is more visible heheheh

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