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Excellent use of timing and edits to the music track.


I appreciate the comment. I am trying something new on this version as my spots always seem to drag. So I started to make them jump cut to the music. I was surprised on how it actually seems very fluid even though so many frames have been removed. It seems the most common criticism here on reels is that they are too long/ not snappy enough. I wonder where to draw the line. I'm starting to feel this one is a little too jumpy or confusing.


On another note, does anyone have suggestions on what additions can be made the reel to make it more balanced and varied? For example, outside of my work for clients, what types of animation would help me come off more than a one trick pony. I've been interested in doing some flash cell animation and think it would add a bit of interesting whim to things. What I have is a bit dry/ inside the box. I'm always jealous when I see some of the reels posted up here and wonder how you guys keep things so fresh while doing all the run of mill client work.


It says 99 people have looked at this post. I know a lot of you guys are very experienced and have strong opinions and there are always things that can be improved. Please don't hold back. If you saw anything that bothered you about this reel, fire away - even the slightest thing. I would appreciate it! Thanks.


This site is an incredible resource.

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