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NBC Sued by Font Bureau

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Interesting news. Along with the Vimeo debate it sounds like things are going to get stickier in the Rights department.


Definitely. IP is a mess and it doesn't seem to be getting better any time soon.



i think we produced too many lawyers somewhere along the line.. and now they have nothing to do..




Part of it is that the internet has made stuff SO accessible both to use and to distribute that it's thrown IP into chaos. They're trying to apply old IP rules to a new and much more open medium and it just doesn't work. IP cases are being heard by judges who, frankly, are old and don't understand for the most part, setting poor legal precedent for future cases and the lawyers are taking advantage where they can. It's going to take another generation or so before IP gets any better I think.

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I just had some fonts emailed to me today, it's kinda how shit gets done. I'm not going to spend $300 on some font to be on brand in the style frames I'm creating. I think every creative needs to be paid for their output, but the system is kinda fucked right?


Take music for example, the vimeo thing kitkats mentioned is a perfect example. I listen to spotify all day for free, whatever music I want for free, what does the artist get per track, 1 one hundredth of a cent? if that? For my reel if I could license a track for 100 bucks I would totally pay the artist for it. No hesitation. Probably even more. But if I tried to go through the traditional licensing process I'd get some douche on the phone who would be like, "unlimited web usage... that's gonna cost you" when in reality maybe over a year 100 people watch my reel, if that?


It would be great if there was some type of clearing house for all of these types of things where you could register your content and have a reasonable fee structure put in place.


Interesting thing I heard on the radio the other day that is sort of related about the website rap genius and how they post lyrics of songs:


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