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AE plug-in beta testers

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Hi Everyone at Mograph,

We are looking for a few more beta testers with professional AE experience for our upcoming plug-in Optical Flares for After Effects.

http://www.videocopilot.net/blogstuff/lens_lg.jpg (re-built the AE lens flare for the good times)


It's a plug-in for creating and editing lens flares with very detailed controls including dynamic triggering responses to simulate real lens flares.


If you're interested in testing please send me an email at andrew (at) videocopilot.net and please include your system specs if you can, we're interested in a limited group of people that can really dig in.


Our main goals are performance and your input on features and experience, if you have some time to test it out let me know.



Andrew Kramer



Short Demo: I don't have a proper demo online but the last 5 minutes of our video blog has a short walk-through of a couple of key features.



PS, I hope it is alright to post here, I didn't post this inquiry anywhere else...

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heck, I'd love to test but don't really use flares in anything except mograph work (still using the default plug-in) and am not sure I use it frequently enough. Can't wait to see the plug-in though - best of luck with it!

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