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Hair Collider Not Behaving

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I was just doing a quick test before I started a project, and already I am running into troubles.


Basically I need a dynamic spline to shoot outwards, and then collide into an object.

I have everything set up to what seems correctly, but the hair collider is not affecting the object it is set on.


If anyone has the time, it would be nice if they would check out this scene file, and try to see what the deal is.

http://javinladish.com/stuff/hairgoingthrough.c4d.zip (18 KB, haha)



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I've tried what I thought would be a few solutions:


-Upping the geometry on the cube

-Upping the steps in the spline dynamics

-Giving the Hypernurbs a regular dynamic tag

-Adding more points to the spline


And nothing seems to be working. I did get the dynamic spline to interact with the cube once, but the spline hit the cube and the cube went flying.


Eventually I would like to have a whole bunch of string shooting outwards, hitting the cube or wall and just fall and collect in a pile on the ground, just as if it were light weighted string.

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