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Hey guys


I've moved to a different computer where I work and put my copy of cinema 4d 11.5

onto the new work station, all seems ok but my 1 2 3 keys aren't really working like

the used to. I use them to navigate the view port alongside my mouse but they don't work

like they used to anymore. I can rotate and zoom with the alt and command keys but

can't pan any more without using the button on the viewport itself. Any ideas? Its not the

software as it works fine on the other machine and the buttons on the keyboard work fine

for everything else. Is there something I've overlooked? Small problem but a frustrating one!





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are the modifiers related to using the 1,2,3 keys for navigation....no.

is "command" used in navigation...no.

really your options are 1,2,3 keys + LMB


otherwise you may have an install issue...my best advice is call tech support...this is what they are there for...technical issues.

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